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Custom gates increase a property’s resale value, and most people (including many realtors) don’t have a clue. If you subscribe to a basic cable or satellite TV provider, you are probably aware of the various channels and plethora of TV shows on buying and selling homes that includes how to increase property value, stage a home, and what designs are trending at the moment. Have you notices they never talk about fencing or custom gates? There is a reason for this. These shows have marketing agreements with vendors. This means your “Joss and Main” companies contract with various stores to get massive exposure, and TV executives get straight-forward simple transactions that help each episode fly out with zero to minor hiccups. When it comes to custom driveway gates, there is no “big box store” that specializes in this, and when it comes to the “mom and pop shops” that do it better than nobody else, they simply lack the ability to make a healthy return in such an agreement. But here’s a fact: custom driveway gates increase the resale value of homes, and the investment is always worth it.

Invest in a custom gate

Why Custom Gates Increase a Home’s Value

Whether you live in New Jersey on a property more than 150 years old, or a new build in Los Angeles, custom gates will increase the value of your home. According to ‘Realty Times’, anything that increases privacy to a home adds immediate resale value. Custom gates matter no matter where you live, unlike other areas for home value increases that are geographical. For example, a home in New Jersey that has an oil tank located and removed will give the next buyer peace of mind, as they are old and tend to leak which causes the need for expensive soil remediation services. Homes on the West Coast don’t have these buried in in properties. Yet a custom gate will add value to a home located in New Jersey, Texas, Alaska, Beverly Hills, or anywhere in America. Here’s why:

  • Custom gates are hand-welded and constructed using sources materials, meaning they are stronger and last longer
  • Custom gates can use appropriate materials based on the location of your driveway and geo-position
  • Custom gates make a property stand out from all others on the street
  • Custom gates can enhance the aesthetics of a home, or change its look to something that is contemporarily trendy
  • Custom gates can mix mediums and compliment a property

custom gates offer superior quality

Custom Gates Offer Superior Quality

Look at it this way: when you go to the big brand store where guys walk around in those orange aprons, they will sell you a driveway gate made on an assembly line that millions of other people have. A custom gate is hand-made and attention to every detail is emphasized my master craftsman. Everest prides itself on utilizing the best custom gates Los Angeles team made of metalworkers and woodworkers whoa re both engineers, and artists.

custom gates for homes in LA

Custom Gates Add Home Value for their Longevity

Did you know that climate dictates what type of materials your custom driveway gate should be made of? University of Dartmouth published a study showing how climate impacts various materials, and there are some custom gates safe for freezing winters in New Jersey and New York, versus dry, hot climates in Arizona and New Mexico. Everest only uses materials safe for custom gates in Los Angeles, and for homes in Malibu or Santa Monica near the ocean, certain metals are treated to withstand rust from the salt levels in the air.

custom gates make you look awesome

Custom gates just Make You Look Awesome

Let’s face it; cookie-cutter homes are dull, and so are cookie-cutter gates. A custom gate by Everest and other companies that focus on unique details par client offer a look unlike anything that exists. So if you get your initials in wrought iron on your driveway gate, what if the next owner doesn’t like this? No problem; this feature of the gate can be quickly removed and replaced with the new owners initials. Simply ask your custom driveway gate company to come remove the feature and replace it with one the new owner will like. You can include this in the purchase agreement, and the new owners will love it.

custom gates add style

Custom Gates Offer Style

Do you have a home that is “sort of modern” but has architectural features that are craftsman? Do you have a rustic style home but there are aspects of Mediterranean design? Aesthetic clashes can turn off buyers big time. If your home is more modern-looking than craftsman, a custom modern gate will totally give your property a clean modern look that factory made humdrum corporate companies can’t achieve in their gates. Buyers will see the value homes with a high-quality custom gates that enhance a home’s architectural details.

home values increase with gates

Instant Re-Sale Home Value Comes with Custom Gates

When you add a custom driveway gate, custom pool gate, or fencing, you are adding security, privacy, and superior aesthetics to your property. Now many homeowners know about this, as the big DIY TV shows never talk about it because they have zero to gain from promoting small artist workshops. Whether you want to add value to your home, or simply enhance its look and functionality, a custom driveway gate can make all the difference!


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