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We are a Proud Retailer and Repair Provider for These Products, and More

Driveway Gate Products

Everest is committed to offering only the highest quality, reputable brands in the industry. All of our products are brand new, factory originals that have been inspected and warrantied by the manufacturer. Our technicians have undergone comprehensive training to master each manufacturer’s devices, and we have performed thousands of installations and repairs over the last decade. The driveway gate products we supply customers all over Los Angeles with include:

  • Gate Operators
  • Safety Devices
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Intercom Systems

Your property’s security relies on a driveway gate powered by nigh-integrity operators and systems. Using low-quality driveway gate products diminishes your security’s integrity, and creates the risk of gate failure. Our number one priority is to deliver affordable, high-quality service with an outstanding class of customer service, and this means we only use the best parts in the industry. We also want to provide our customers with as much information on our driveway gate products as possible so they can rest assured knowing they are getting the best devices at the lowest prices.

Driveway Gate Operators

We service and sell new driveway gate operators made by:

  • All-Omatic
  • Liftmaster
  • FAAC

We carry the best slide gate operators and swing gate operators from these reputable brands. Each have received great ratings and reviews, and are known for offering fortification with easy use.

Choosing the Right Electric Gate Operator

If you already have a gate, or you plan on getting a custom driveway gate for residential properties, automating it with an electric gate opener will make coming and going a lot easier. Let’s face it; getting in and out of your car to open the gate and then again to lock it is a pain in the “you know what”. If you plan on automating your gate, you will need to pick the right operator to work with your type of gate. There are a number of features to consider that revolve around:

  • Safety
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Convenience
  • Power sources
  • Available interfaces and remotes

For example, some gate openers may have dial locking systems, have motion sensor features, and voice-recognition technology. Some are even solar powered. Once you determine the features you want, the next step is determining your gate type. Is it a swing gate or slide gate? If it slides, what is it’s length and if it is a dual swing gate how long is each leaf? How big are the columns? Is there an alternating current power source at the install site? How many times on average do you exit and enter your property? Do you want a “stop and reverse” option when it hits an object? Do you want auto-close features or a loop-detector? Shopping for a gate opener requires a keen understanding of your current gate and your personal needs. Everest can help you determine the right options and narrow down your choices to help you choose the right driveway gate operator that will improve your life while improving your security.

Safety First: Driveway Gate Features for Gates

Driveway Gate Safety Devices

Driveway gate safety devices help protect your car when entering and exiting your property, and also the gate itself. Without these, a gate can close on a car causing damage to the vehicle and the gate, or it can even close on a person or a pet. Driveway gate safety devices include photoeyes, photo beams, land loop sensors, The manufacturers we carry are:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Omron
  • Seco-larm
  • Miller

Our gate repair technicians at Everest have advanced servicing and installation training on all products produced by these manufacturers. We understand how they function at the most intricate levels, how these devices work with various gates, and which products are best suited for homeowners based on their lifestyle and daily routine.

Driveway Gate Transmitters and Receivers

Driveway gate transmitters and receivers work together telling your gate when to open and close; when you activate the gate a signal from the transmitter tells the receiver to begin operation either opening or closing the gate. driveway gate equipment for residential properties.Transmitters and receivers offer a number of features to accomodate various needs. For example, if you have a lengthy driveway you may want to get a long-range device allowing you to operate your gate from a long distance away. Usually their range is 1500 feet and is ideal for someone who wants their gate open by the time they reach it. For those who want added security, you can get a driveway gate transmitter and receiver package that includes a scrambler. In some cases thieves will use a scanner to copy and clone the codes sent to gate receivers allowing them access to the property when the homeowner is away, or asleep. High-tech models change the code after each use, making this impossible. Some of the manufacturers we sell and repair include:

  • Liftmaster
  • Linear
  • Multi Code

Everest Garage Doors and Gates offers all the equipment required to get your gate to function according to your needs, and due to our dealer relationships we are able to offer the lowest prices in all of Los Angeles County. If you want to upgrade your gates performance, give our knowledgeable team a call today and let’s find the best driveway gate transmitter and receiver to make going to work in the morning and coming home at night a little easier.

“Everest worked hard to automize my driveway gate just the way I wanted it. Awesome customer service, good work, amazing price. Joe was the best–great communication through the entire process”.

Jerry B.

Studio City, CA

Driveway Gate Intercoms

Are you a high-profile person whose work makes it hard for you to escape the general public’s attention? Perhaps you aren’t, but you don’t want solicitors or unwanted types accessing your property. For those who get a lot of visitors coming to their property and want the option to allow selected access, driveway gate intercoms are ideal. Typically reserved for business and commercial use, driveway gate intercoms are becoming increasingly popular with residential property owners and those who run a business from their home office. We carry Door King and Linear intercom systems because they are top-rated and work with nearly all gate types. Various intercoms offer different features:

  • Color camera
  • Video recording capabilities
  • SD card
  • LCD monitor
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Compatibility with all gate operators
  • Weather-proof
  • Design options
  • Much more

Give our friendly crew at Everest Garage Doors and Gates a call and we will help you select the best driveway gate intercom to meet your needs. Our guys will install the device, run a series of tests, and make sure it functions beautifully the rest of your driveway gate equipment!