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Brentwood Gate Repair

Driveway gates play vital roles in keeping property owners safe in Brentwood. Crime rates are going up in the more affluent parts of Los Angeles, and the last thing you need is a gate stuck half way open. When you need fast Brentwood gate repair services, you can rely on Everest to respond quickly, perform a thorough inspection, and make the needed repairs or replacements to restore safety and order to your home. We are a fast gate repair company that has been serving homes and businesses in Brentwood for over a decade. Our technicians take great pride in safeguarding families in the Brentwood community, and we live to perform the following:

  • Treat all customers like family and offer the best customer service experience of their life
  • Provide affordable, honest work
  • Provide each customer with top quality products
  • Deliver services quickly with minimal wait time

If you get home form a day at the Getty Museum with your family only to discover your gate won’t close behind you, call Everest and let our Brentwood gate repair technicians speed out to your home and get your gate back into perfect working order.

What to do when the Gate Won’t Close

When your gate won’t close it is either due to a problem with the power, the gate opener, the gate itself, or a minor quick-fix you can resolve on your own without having to call for Brentwood gate repair services. Some of these reasons include:

  • The batteries in the remote are dead
  • There is debris in the gate track causing an obstruction
  • The wheels are damaged or jammed
  • The electric eyes need to be replaced
  • There is a short in the panel
  • No electricity is flowing to the unit

Before calling Everest to come make repairs, check these possibilities to see if any hold relevance to why your gate won’t open. If the issue goes beyond these points of concern, give us a call and our technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection, locate the problem, and fix it in no time.

Everest Proudly Serves Brentwood Offering Luxury Gates and Gate Repair

Custom Gates in Brentwood

Everest doesn’t just offer Brentwood gate repair services, we also design and build the most luxurious custom driveway gates using the finest materials. All of our gates are made by hand and in-house from our team of woodworking and metalworking artists. Our artists have all been trained in the technical arts of crafting decorative, functional items from various materials, and all of our products are sourced by experts who only invest in the highest quality woods and metals.

What are the Benefits of Having a Custom Gate?

There are some people who still buy factory-made driveway gates, and that’s fine; Everest offers the lowest prices on these gates compared to other providers. However, more people are investing in custom gates, and with Everest you get high quality and affordability. The benefits of having a custom gate make the option very popular, especially for those living in affluent parts of the city like Brentwood. If you have been contemplating a custom gate, consider these points:

  • A custom gate allows you to reflect your own style
  • It makes your property stand out in the neighborhood
  • Custom gates can change the aesthetic feel of your property to something more desirable
  • A custom gate can highlight the style of your home making it more prominent
  • Custom gates add a touch of class and elegance
  • Custom gates can increase your property’s resale value

Let Everest create a one-of-a-kind custom gate for your Brentwood home that will add a new level of luxury and make it the envy of your street!

What Kind of Custom Gates can I Get?

Most of the custom gates Everest makes come from conceptual drawings from our clients, or our designers draft a design based on the client’s requests. Our gates are almost always made of either wood, metal, or concrete. In many cases we will even mix materials, and incorporate glass designs and ornamentation. Some of the most frequently used materials we employ to custom gates in Brentwood include:

  • Wood like cedar, oak, pine, walnut, cherry, bamboo,  and birch. We also source reclaimed wood from old structures.
  • Metal like steel, iron, wrought iron, and tin.
  • Stone like marble, quartz, soap stone and granite. We can also do accents with various gem stones.
  • Other materials like synthetic matter, stained glass, mosaic tiles, and sculpture

Our custom gates are made with expert precision and craftsmanship. We offer a quick turn-around time, installation is included, and the quality is unparalleled.


Everest Keeps Brentwood Families Safe with Expert Gate Repairs

Call Everest for Brentwood Gate Repair

When you call Everest for Brentwood gate repair, you will experience a level of customer service unlike anything you have ever been witnessed. We treat all of our customers like family and pride ourselves on building strong ties with our clients. Your home is your castle, and our Brentwood gate repair crew takes great pride in safeguarding your home and family with our expert repairs, speedy service, and high-quality work. Call us today, and discover the Everest difference!