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Everest Offers Fast, Affordable Gate Repair in Tarzana

Tarzana Gate Repair

When your gate won’t close or has suffered some type of damage rendering it inefficient, your home and family are vulnerable to intruders until a Tarzana gate repair company can come out and fix the issue. Everest Garage Doors and Gates offers the highest quality work and care in repairing driveway gates at the lowest prices. When homeowners want to know who offers gate repair services in Tarzana, they look for affordability, reputation, and a team capable of offering flawless work. Customers love our Tarzana gate repair technicians in Tarzana because we offer the following:

  • Lowest Prices for Highest Quality Work  – We take pride in keeping home and business owners safe by securing their property with expert gate repair services. We are proud to offer the lowest prices on all types of jobs across the board.
  • Customer Care Unlike Anything You Will Experience Again – Our gate repair techs live and work in Tarzana, and we take pride in building relationships with the members of our special community. With Everest we treat you like family.
  • Highly-trained Technicians on Every Job – Our Everest technicians have received the highest levels of training on all major manufacturers of gates and gate openers.
  • We Work on All Gates – Electric gates, driveway gates, swing gates, pool gates; we service and repair them all. We will even repair a broken fence if you ask us.
  • We Perform All Services – Everest doesn’t just repair gates, we also provide maintenance, tune-ups, and we sell new gates and gate accessories. Everest even has an in-house team of artists who make high-quality, luxury custom gates from all materials, of all types.

When you need Tarzana gate repair, call Everest because we are located in your own back yard, and take pride in giving our customers exceptional care when they need it the most.

Why do Driveway Gates Break?

Gates break for the same reason your car can break down; it has a number of working parts and a motor (if electric) that requires maintenance and care. Everest offers regularly scheduled maintenance in which we inspect your gate, make any needed adjustments, lube various parts, test the motor, and make sure it is functioning like new. However, in some cases your gate may appear to be broken, but there are simple reasons why your gate won’t open or close that you can resolve on your own. Before you call our Tarzana gate repair crew, check for the following:

  • Do the electric eyes need to be replaced? If so you can pick them up at most major home improvement stores for around $50.
  • Do you have good batteries in your remote?
  • Is there debris or an object stuck in the track?
  • Is the gate opener being fed with electricity?
  • Is there a short in the panel?
  • Are the wheels and rollers lubed for easy movement?

If none of these reveal any causes for your gate breakdown, call our Tarzana gate repair pros and we will quickly diagnose the problem with your driveway gate, make the needed repairs, and ensure there are no other problems looming.

Everest Makes Elegant Custom Gates that Turn Heads

Tarzana Custom Gates

Everest has a Tarzana custom gates team comprised of the most skilled metalworkers and woodworkers Los Angeles had to offer. When people want a custom gate to enhance the look of their home, or a hand-made custom gate to protect their business in style, Everest offers superior craftsmanship at the lowest prices on superior quality security options. Many people choose to get custom gates over manufactured models because with custom gates you get:

  • Higher Quality – Custom gates are hand made and welded by hand. At Everest we also source our own materials to ensure the highest quality.
  • A Statement Piece – Custom gates are functional works of art that make a statement about your your tastes.
  • Control of Your Property’s Aesthetic Looks – Having a custom gate can help you change the aesthetic look of your home, or emphasize its style and enhance its look.
  • To Be Number One – Custom gates make your property stand out on the street. Your neighbors will be jealous.
  • Re-sale Value Increase – Custom gates can add re-sale value to your property and give you more cash when you sell.
  • Low Cost – Custom gates may cost more, in most cases, but Everest offers low prices thanks to our minimal overhead.
  • Choices – Everest makes custom gates to serve any purpose, of any size, using any materials.

Everest is proud to be that Tarzana gate repair company that also makes luxurious custom gates for our special clients. We take price in making Tarzana beautiful with our custom gates, one property at a time. gate repair in Tarzana is affordable with Everest.We use the following materials to make the best custom gates in Tarzana:

  • All wood types including cedar, oak, pine, bamboo, birch, teak, walnut, cherry wood.
  • All metals including steel, iron, wrought iron, tin.
  • Other materials like cork, glass, concrete, mosaic tiles, and more.
  • Most types of stone including marble, granite, soap stone, and more

We find the healthiest woods, give them an amazing varnish, seal them for protections, and make stunning driveway gates to protect your home in style. We can make gates that are modern, contemporary, Victorian, western, eastern, minimalistic, art deco, and any other style your heart desires.

For Tarzana Gate Repair Call Everest

If you live in Tarzana and want to know the closest gate repair company, call Everest; with us you get speedy convenient service, as well as amazing customer service, skilled technicians, and a number of options to meet your security needs. We are your community vanguard, and we take pride in repairing gates all over Tarzana. Whether your gated home is on the edge of Corbin Canyon Park, or your property is by El Caballero Country Club, Everest Garage Doors and Gates canvases the entire neighborhood, offering affordability, security, and top-rated customer care making us your first and only call for Tarzana gate repair services.