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DC Motors for Sliding Driveway Gates

Sliding driveway gates are one of the most common types of entry mechanism you will find in most residential homes. The are also most efficient and practical when compared to swing or overhead types of gates. DC motors are a relatively new addition to the selection of electric gate operators available on the market.

AllOmatic Sliding Gate Opener Motor are the leading brand of motors and recommend to our clients in most installation jobs applications. DC Gate Motors come with added advantages, such as: additional power, quiet operation, backup battery system, additional safety features and one of our favorite, their slow-down approach as they close and open the gate. This feature helps overcome a few problems especially when the driveway gate is oversize or very heavy. 

Below are the DC versions of All-O-Matic’s gate operators for sliding gates. If you are interested in having a gate installed along with an electric motor or you already have a gate in place and need to replace or, install a new motor, give us a call. We will be happy to present you with the options and if you send us a couple of pictures and dimensions of your site, we will give an estimate cost for your new gate.



Sliding Gate Opener Motor

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