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Agoura Hills Gate Repair

Gate repair is a service that is required when a gate is damaged or won’t function properly, and according to our more than 10 years of experience when homeowners need an Agoura Hills gate repair company, it usually means their property is vulnerable due to a broken driveway gate. Everest doesn’t just treat gate repair as a service, we view it as a vital measure taken to protect your property and one necessary to help keep your family safe. Statistics show that home break-ins are on the rise for homeowners that don’t address their broken gates. Our Agoura Hills gate repair services are affordable so they can fit any budget. When property owners look for a a reliable gate repair company in Agoura Hills, most choose to work with Everest because we:

  • Offer fast service when you need it
  • Have the lowest prices on high quality gate repair
  • Provide the best customer service experience you will ever have Everest offers low cost Agoura Hills gate repair services. to homes and businesses.
  • Hire only advanced technicians with the best training
  • Perform detailed background checks on all employees
  • Are family-owned and have a genuine love for the Agoura Hills Community

Not only do we perform gate repair services in Agoura Hills, many of our team members live in this special community. Whether you have a home out by Chumash Park in need of fast gate repair, or you are across town out by the Lindero Country Club, our Agoura Hills gate repair techs will offer quick, low-cost repairs on driveway gates, pool gates, swing gates, fences, and any barrier you rely on to safeguard your property.

What Causes Driveway Gates to Break?

Driveway gates break all the time because, like any other device with moving parts and a mechanism, wear and tear occurs. If you have an electric gate we recommend calling Everest to set up annual tune-ups to ensure your gate remains in perfect working order and will last well past its life expectancy. In some cases your gate may appear to be broken, but in actuality a quick fix can resolve the problem. If your driveway gate won’t open, check these potential culprits before calling our Agoura Hills gate repair crew:

  • Check inside the track for debris or an object that may be blocking the gate from moving
  • Make sure you have fresh batteries in the remote
  • Look to see if electricity is flowing to the opener
  • See if the electric eyes are lit up; if not they will need to be replaced
  • Ensure there isn’t a short circuit in the panel

If none of these prove to play a role in why your electric gate won’t open, call our team at Everest and we will come over and perform a thorough inspection. Once we diagnose the problem our Agoura Hills gate repair techs will fix the issue by repairing or replacing the needed parts, and ensure the gate works as good as new before we leave.

Everest Makes Affordable, Custom Luxury Gates

Agoura Hills Custom Gates

Do you want to know where to get low cost custom gates? Everest doesn’t just repair driveway gates, our Agoura Hills custom gates developers use the highest quality materials to handcraft the finest examples you will ever see. Our custom gate company is staffed by highly trained artists who attended tech and arts schools to become master woodworkers and metalworkers, and the quality shows. Lowest prices on Agoura Hills custom gates and Agoura Hills gate repair are with Everest.Our Agoura Hills custom gates experts take your design concepts, or we draft our own for your approval, and we create a high-end custom gate that will make your property stand out like no other. We can integrate wood with metal, glass with concrete, and create any style of gate to compliment your property and make a statement. When homeowners look for Agoura Hills custom gate companies, they choose Everest because we:

  • Offer the lowest prices on the highest quality gates
  • Can create any style including modern, gothic, contemporary, rustic, and Victorian
  • Source our own materials to ensure the highest quality
  • Make all gates in house to ensure integrity
  • Deliver and install gates
  • Do custom work like ornamentation and mosaics

Our custom gate craftsman source out the materials used in every gate because we want total control of the quality. The most common types of wood clients request include oak, cedar, pine, bamboo, birch, walnut, and cherry. Metals include steel, iron, tin, and wrought iron. We can weld your initials, family crest, the name of your estate, or create a custom image using the highest quality welds and techniques.

Are Custom Gates Worth the Money?

Custom gates are worth the money if they meet your needs, and with our Agoura Hills custom gates team cutting overhead, we are able to offer the lowest prices making our costs the same as many factory made gates you buy from the big box stores. Custom gates take time to make, so if your number one need is to have a gate right away, then our Everest team can get you a good deal on a manufactured gate. If aesthetics and quality matter the most, then a  custom gate is your best option. Wonder what the benefits of a custom gate are? There are many that range from offering better security to granting a higher-end look:

Strength – Our Agoura Hills custom gates craftsmen produce gates that are significantly stronger than factory-made gates. Our gates offer better security, and they have a longer lifespan.

Recoup Your Money – A custom gate almost always adds to a greater re-sale value on your property; in some cases clients have even recouped the cost of their gate through the sale of their home. Custom gates give you equity.

Your Style – Do you think you can find a representation of you in a Home Depot catalogue? No chance! With a custom gate you get to showcase your style with a one-of-a-kind gate nobody else has.

Improves Your Home’s Look – Do you want to enhance the architectural style of your home, or try changing it’s look? A custom gate can compliment your home’s style or change it. Let us create a wrought iron masterpiece in style to what the noblemen of of the late 19th century had to compliment your Victorian home, or let our Agoura Hills custom gates company create a sleek, modern work of art to turn that 70s blah house into something that suggests sleek minimalism.

Everest Gate Repair Keeps Agoura Hills Families Safe

Why You Should Call Everest for Agoura Hills Gate Repair

We know what you want: fast, high-quality service, an affordable price, and exceptional customer service. When you look for an Agoura Hills gate repair company we know these things matter, and that’s why Everest rates number one in all of these points that matter the most. When you call us we will arrive to your property within 30-60 minutes of your call. We only send the most highly trained technicians who have more than a decade of experience performing gate repair. From the time we answer your call to the moment we shake hands and part from a job well done, you will experience a class of customer service unheard of, We treat all clients like family, and pride ourselves on building relationships with every customer. To us you are not a number on a work order; we know your name, remember it, and we strive to give you excellent service. When it comes to cheap prices on gate repair in Agoura Hills, Everest can’t be beat. We have found ways to cut our overhead so we can offer customers the lowest prices on high quality repairs. Because we make our custom gates in-house, on site, and use our own artists, we are able to save customers a significant amount of money. We even source our own materials to cut back on overhead so we can pass the savings on you customers just like you. Call Everest today and let us get the job done right, at a price you will love, and with the high class customer care you deserve!