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Don't Risk Your Safety; Let Everest Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Springs

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A Broken Garage Door Spring Requires Immediate Help from Trained Professionals. Everest is Standing By.

Garage Door Springs Repair Los Angeles

There are a number of reasons why a garage door breaks, and springs play a major role. Your springs are responsible for supporting the weight of the door and allowing it to open and close. We aren’t just a custom gate company in LA; our specialized garage door springs repair Los Angeles team at Everest has fixed and replaced thousands of springs, saving homeowners the headache and hassle of trying to figure out the problem on their own. More importantly, our garage door springs repair crew members have received the highest level of training to safely work on these dangerous components.  Everest offers the lowest prices on garage door springs repair Los Angeles services, guaranteed. We also perform high-quality work and even perform a 25-point inspection on your garage door to ensure there are no other dangers lurking in the shadows.

Why do Garage Door Torsion Springs Break?

Garage door torsion springs can break for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is simply wear and tear. Just like your knees, garage door springs can give out with age and usage. Your door operates on cycles–the motion of opening and closing the door. Most garage door springs last for 10,000 to 15,000 cycles.  The national average for the number of garage door cycles in a single day is four. If you multiply 365 for the days in the year by four you get 1,460. Divide that into the national average and the life span for your garage door springs is 6.84 years for 10,000 cycles, and 10.26 years for 15,000 cycles. Low cost garage door springs repair Los Angeles services from Everest offer a higher class of customer care.So, rounding off the numbers, your springs will likely last 7-10 years. You can add even more life to your springs by calling our Everest team to come perform annual maintenance.

Rust is another common cause for garage door springs breaking down. Rust build-up increases coil friction as the parts move. The corrosive damage, in addition to the rust itself, adds tremendous strain on the springs weakening their integrity. If you apply WD-40 to the springs once every three months, you can play a significant role in keeping rust at bay.

How can I Tell if My Garage Door Springs Need to be Replaced?

Knowing when to replace your garage door springs could save you having to pay for repairs, and spare your property from being damaged. You can always call our team of garage door springs repairs Los Angeles experts to perform annual maintenance and give your door a tune-up. This will allow us to catch any part of your door, including the springs, that needs to be replaced while maintaining the integrity of your garage door’s other parts.

You can also perform a safe test on your own to gauge the condition of your garage door springs. Test your door’s balance  by pulling the emergency release cord. This will allow you to test the door by hand, as it disconnects it from the opener. Raise and lower the door a few times listening for any grinding or squeaking noises. If you hear anything your hinges will need to be lubricated–something that should be done once a year. Next, from a closed position, lift your garage door about two feet off the ground and let go. If your springs are in good condition they will prevent the door from slamming down with a bang. If your door stays in place with very little movement then you can rest assured knowing your springs are fine. If, however, it fails this gravity test and feels heavy, call our garage door springs repair Los angeles techs at Everest and we will safely replace your springs and inspect the rest of your door.


Would You Pick up a Black Mamba? Garage Door Springs can Bite Too. Let a Professional Handle It.

Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

If you haven’t been trained to work with garage door torsion springs, they are dangerous. These springs store tremendous amounts of energy. If they are adjusted the wrong way, if improper tools are used, or if the person handling them makes the slightest wrong move, the spring can break under pressure and send parts flying through the air with the speed of a rocket, or shoot the spring through the air. Your property can receive a lot of damage when this happens, but worse yet people can get hurt. Every year eager homeowners try replacing garage door springs and suffer from injuries. People have lost fingers, an eye, an ear, and even limbs. Unfortunately, deaths have also occurred from people handling garage door springs the wrong way.

Our Everest garage door springs repairs Los Angeles team is comprised of highly-trained technicians who can safely repair or replace your torsion springs safely, and at an affordable price. Why risk your safety or run the risk of a flying part ripping a hole through your garage wall? We will perform high-quality work, inspect the rest of your door, and at an affordable rate you will love.

What do Garage Door Springs Do?

Garage door springs help the opener raise and lower the door by supporting most of its weight. These springs are normally mounted horizontally above the garage door. As the door moves, cables attached to the springs wind up and feed energy to the torsion springs. When you lower the door, the springs unwind transferring the stored energy to the door itself which makes it’s ability to move easy with no interference. Garage door springs offer a fascinating lesson in physics.

What is the Best Garage Door Springs Repair Los Angeles Company?

This is LA, there are lots of garage door springs repair Los Angeles companies out there that all claim to offer the best prices and perform the highest quality work. Everest Garage Doors and Gates is a preferred company by hundreds of local businesses and residents; out customers consider us the best garage door spring repair company in LA because we give low prices and perform high-quality work BUT what makes us really stand out is how we treat people. As a family-owned business, we are motivated to to create a family-orientated culture that are clients are a part of. We treat every single customer like family; we get to know them, their concerns, and their needs. We like to build solid relationships with our fellow community members, and offer our service at an affordable price while treating each property owner like a brother. Do you have a broken garage door spring? Call Everest and experience the difference in our amazing customer care.

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