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For New Garage Door Opener Sales or Repairs, Everest Offers the Best Service in LA.

Your Garage Door Opener Helps Secure Your Home. Let Us Make Repairs to Keep Your Family Safe.

Our Everest Techs Have the Best Training. We Will Even Wire Your Opener's Panel.

Garage Door Opener Repair

When considering garage door opener repair services in Los Angeles, you probably want the same things most people do: high quality work, low cost, and outstanding customer service. Everest Garage Doors and Gates is a family owned business that delivers on all three of these above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We aren’t just a company that repairs driveway gates or fixes garage doors; we are proud to support our fellow community members by offering a boutique level of customer service alongside our expertise and affordable prices. Whether your opener is making a grinding sound, or you flat out need a brand new one, our garage door opener repair team won’t leave your home until you are completely satisfied, and your home is safe and secure.

How does a Garage Door Opener Work?

A garage door opener operates in unison with torsion springs, and a number of other parts to enable your door to open and close. Garage door openers have a remote control and some have access panels wired on the interior wall of the garage. Your garage door opener remote is really a transmitter operating on 315 MHz. The garage door opener has a receiver capable of reading the transmitter. When it gets the right message a relay is activated that starts the opener’s motor.

Garage door openers are also designed to keep your home safe. Modern garage door openers transmit a long encoded binary number through the transmitter. The receiver searches for that unique number and only opens once it has been detected. Years ago thieves could scramble these numbers and gain access to homes without too much hassle. In order to prevent this from happening today, the newest garage door openers generate a new code each time so that criminals cant use radios to record them and play them back to the opener when the homeowners are asleep or off the property. As you can see, a garage door opener works with the aid of transmitter signals, electrical wiring, a motor, and the other components of your garage door’s systems. When your door won’t open, our garage door opener repair Los Angeles experts will quickly diagnose the problem and fix it in no time.

New Garage Door Openers Prevent Hackers from Stealing the Binary Code. Everest Offers and Installs them at the Lowest Cost in LA.

Where can I Get the Lowest Prices on Gate Door Openers in Los Angeles?

We don’t just perform superior quality installations, Everest Garage Doors and Gates also sells new garage door openers at the lowest prices in Los Angeles. Some of the brands we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Liftmaster
  • Genie
  • Haas
  • Overhead Door
  • Chamberlain
  • Clopay
  • Delden
  • Stanley
  • Raynor
  • Midland Garage Door
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Skylink
  • Many, many more.

Not sure what kind of garage door opener you need to meet your needs? Call our caring professionals at Everest and we will help you select the perfect opener at a great price with an expert installation.

What Types of Gate Door Openers are There?

When it comes to residential garage door openers, there are three primary types: chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. Each type of garage door opener has its pros and cons. Let’s explore their differences and determine which one is your best option.

Chain Drive – A chain drive style is the most common type of garage door openers. With this model a chain works with the trolley to lower and raise the garage door. This type os garage door opener is very affordable and built to last. However, they make lots of noise. If you have a bedroom above your garage or next to it, you may want to consider a different option. At the end of the day, a chain drive garage door opener is best suited for detached garages. An example of a chain drive opener would be the Chamberlain LW2200.

Belt Drive – The belt drive garage door opener is like the latter, but uses a belt to open the door instead of a chain. These models are priced a bit higher, but considering how quiet they are, most people think it is well worth it to get one if they have an attached garage. An example of this type would be the Genie 2055-TKV.

Screw Drive – This type of garage door opener doesn’t use a chain or a belt; instead a threaded steel rod is rotated to pull or push the trolley to raise and lower the garage door. Most screw drive garage door openers have fewer components than the chain drive or belt drive varieties. Therefore they can be more cost efficient to repair and maintain. However, they produce more noise than the belt drive, though some come in “extra quiet” versions. An example of a typical screw drive opener would be the Genie 2562-TKEDV.

If your garage door opener is making crazy sounds and the door won’t budge, you likely need garage door repair services as quickly as possible. Call Everest, and in the event the opener has seen its last day, we can help you select a new opener, and our guys will instal it in no time.

It Isn't Just an Appliance; Garage Door Openers Protect What's on the Inside of Your Home.

How can I Tell if My Garage Door Opener is Broken?

There are some measures a homeowner can take to tell if he needs to call for garage door opener repair services. You will want to put on your detective’s hat and assess the opener before you buy a new one or call Everest to come perform repairs.

Quick Fix – Does the remote need fresh batteries? Is the garage door opener set to Vacation Mode? Is there electricity coming from the opener’s power source? Is the access panel indicating an error or short? If the lights don’t come on at all then you definitely have a short. Often, one of these issues will cause homeowners to think their garage door opener is broken.

Check for Visual Queues – Use your eyes; check to see if the garage door is off track, or if you have a broken spring. Look to see if there is an object that got lodged into the track or in the hinges.

Try the Door – Close your garage door and pull the red emergency release cord. Then lift the door by hand to see if it rises and lowers with total ease. If it poses a struggle, then you know the problem is not with the garage door opener but instead with your springs, track, or rollers. garage door opener repair techs can examine your sensors.

Check the Sensors – If you can get the door to go up with no issue, but the only way you can get it to go down is to press and hold the wall switch button, your safety sensors might be out of alignment. If direct sunlight ever hits your sensors, they can act up. If there are no windows or skylights that would allow light to strike your sensors, then move on and note if the lights are on. As long as nothing is between the sensors, they should be glowing. If the lights are dead you will need to replace your sensors. Keep in mind you can use the existing wiring and a new set cost less than $50.

Still can’t detect the problem? It could be an issue with the opener’s motor or many internal working parts. Call Everest for garage door opener repair specialists to come inspect your garage door and we will get to the bottom of the problem in no time!

Electric Gate Opener Repair in Los Angeles

When your garage door opener goes on the fritz, it can completely disrupt the flow of life. Everest understands that getting the garage door opener repair performed in a timely manner is important to property owners, and we also know that offering an affordable rate matters. What we value the most is how we treat people. Our motto is to serve our Los Angeles family. This means that every customer is a brother, and we treat them like members of our own family. Our mission has been, since day one, to revolutionize the way customer service is performed in our industry. Is your garage door stuck? Is the opener making a beeping sound?  Call Everest and ask about our garage door opener repair services, and watch how hard we work for your family.

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