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Malibu Gate Repair

Finding a local Malibu gate repair company that can respond quickly is a challenge; luckily you’ve found Everest and when you call us for gate repair services you will be satisfied with prompt care by highly skilled technicians who pride themselves on offering the best quality work in all of LA. Malibu residents who live right off PCH 1 often experience trespassers who are trying to get beach access, and a broken gate makes this easy for them. Unfortunately, some people lack respect. If your gate is off track, bent, or it is stuck half way open, you need a reliable Malibu gate repair crew to come fix the problem like it never happened. When it comes to local gate repair companies, Everest is preferred because:

  • All repairs, installations, and maintenance is performed by highly-trained technicians with 10+ years of experience
  • High-quality work at the lowest prices, guaranteed
  • Fast response time; we don’t like to leave customers waiting
  • Friendly, red carpet customer care without compromise
  • All techs have passed full background checks
  • We come with a truck full of parts to get the job done right the first time, same visit

A broken gate leaves your home and family vulnerable; give Everest a call today, and let us repair your gate and enhance your family’s safety and privacy.

Everest - Best Gate Repair Company in Malibu

Why do Gates Break?

When you understand how gates break, you can make better decisions regarding what type of gate system to buy, and which company you should hire to install and repair your driveway gate. Everest is a top-rated Malibu gate repair company known for offering the best prices on new gates and custom gates, as well as the main provider for maintenance and gate repair in Malibu. Here are some of the main reasons why gates either break down, or stop working:

Drivers – Driveway gates open for cars, and sometimes drivers are not always patient (hey, we are only human). When in a hurry some drivers think they are clearing the gate by trying to pass through while it is still in motion but misjudge the space striking the gate and causing it is break.

Operating System – A gate’s operating system is really just controlled by a motor and some working parts that connect to the gate. Like your car, a gate requires regularly scheduled maintenance in order to ensure the motor and other components are free from wear and tear so that more major problems wont ensue.

Support Post – When the gate’s support post is not properly constructed, the post can lean and cause the gate to sag.  This puts extreme pressure on the gate opener and can cause severe damage.

Phone Entry System – A phone entry system is a computer that tells the gate when to open and close. if there is a short in the panel or a problem with the computer, this can cause your gate to remain motionless.

Life – Do you have the same mobile phone you had in 1998? Technology changes, and devices break and just stop working over time. If your driveway gate system is really old and stops working, it may be in your best interest to just get a new one.

Gate repair and new driveway gates can be expensive. Gate maintenance can even rack up in cost over the years. It is important you find a Malibu gate repair company that offers full services, using high-quality parts, and that dispatches highly skilled techs who cna get any job done right at a low, affordable price. Call Everest and let us show you how to deal with gates the smart way!


Choosing the Best Malibu Gate Repair Service

We get it, there are other Malibu gate repair service providers out there, but based on customer feedback and our knowledge of the industry, we feel Everest gives homeowners more. When choosing a gate repair company, here are some things to consider when going through the interview process:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they have a website and online visibility (nothing to hide)?
  • How skilled are the technicians?
  • Do they offer other services i.e. gate system sales, CCTV system sales, garage door repair and sales, etc?
  • How invested is the company into the local community? Everest offers high quality Malibu gate repair services.
  • How does their customer service and pricing stand?

Here is how Everest stands up:

  • We are a family-owned business with more than 20 years of having a sterling reputation
  • We have a website designed to educate customers, and lots of positive reviews
  • All technicians have received the highest level of industry training
  • We provide sales and repairs on driveway gates, fences, garage doors, CCTV security systems, and much more
  • We have been providing Malibu gate repair for over a decade
  • We offer the lowest prices on high quality products, and we treat all customers like family