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High-Tech Driveway Gate Security Cameras at Affordable Prices

Driveway Gate Security Cameras

Are you looking for driveway gate security cameras at a low price without skimping on the technology? Everest is not only committed tp performing gate repair and creating luxurious custom gates, we are the leading Los Angeles security camera company that offers the best prices on driveway gate cameras to keep your property safe from unwanted traffic. Driveway gate security cameras are different than security surveillance systems kept around a property’s perimeter or standard CCTV cameras. When customers contact Everest for their driveway gate security camera needs, they express the need for:

  • HD camera capabilities to capture high definition detail in faces and car licensee plates
  • Monitoring abilities from anywhere in the world
  • High quality audio and voice recognition
  • Stand-alone system
  • Wireless
  •  Long distance visual capabilities
  • Low light abilities
  • Motion sensory

Features Customers want in Driveway Gate Security Cameras

If you look at the above features, there is a good chance many of them, if not all, fall into your must-have list of capabilities for your driveway gate security cameras. HD gate cameras are important because they allow homeowners to better identify people and vehicles, as well as provide police with important details in the event someone trespasses on your property. HD cameras with long distance capabilities can even capture license plate details from vehicles several hundred feet away, as well as facial features on passing foot traffic. Everest customers also want their driveway gate security cameras to have technology allowing them to monitor the people who access their property from anywhere in the world. It is important for many homeowner’s to be able to check their mobile device to see who is accessing their property while they are on business in New York, or on vacation in Aruba. Many of our customers stress the importance of having clear voice feeds with their cameras. For example, your live-in child care provider may feel safer knowing that the landscaping crew is the regularly trusted team, and not some new team from the company that hasn’t been properly introduced to on-site staff. Property owners also stress the importance of a good wireless stand-alone system that can tilt, zoom and rotate to capture visuals on anything or anyone at the gate. Zoom capabilities are especially important for homeowner’s with extra long driveways or homes situated far from the gate. This way they can get clear visuals on approaching traffic from greater distances. Low light cameras are very important to help identify people and vehicles at night, and motion activated recording systems help preserve recording capabilities by only executing the record feature when something moves and gives cause.

Low Profile Driveway Gate Security Cameras

Want a streamlined look to match the clean lines of your gate? Everest offers the lowest prices on state-of-the-art security cameras with all the features you need, that blends seamlessly into your gate. Everest has the lowest prices on driveway gate security camerasSome property owners want their CCTV gate cameras to be highly noticeable to stand out because it can intimidate would-be trespassers, while other homeowners care about the aesthetic appeal to their property’s entrance and don’t want large clunky cameras breaking up the modern look of their driveway. Our team at Everest can integrate low-profile cameras with high tech capabilities right into your gate without it being too visually obvious. We respect the property owner’s right to choose how their cameras are places, and how they change to look of the driveway gate. Some of our tactics to blend cameras into the driveway gate area include:

  • Custom housings made from wood, metal, or any material to blend into the gate’s design and materials
  • Small stand-alone cameras implemented directly into the gate itself
  • Small yet powerful cameras integrated into the wall next to the gate
  • Wireless cameras situated in trees next to your driveway gate

Everest excels at providing low-profile security cameras for your driveway gate’s entry, and we have all the major brands and models. Our technicians will instal the cameras to offer your desired look and level of protection, and we do so with the best customer care in the industry!

Everest Driveway Gate Cameras

Protecting Families for More than 10 Years

Best Driveway Gate Security Camera Company in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has hundreds of companies and private contractors who install driveway gate security cameras; finding the best company is challenging, as this requires a lot of research. Let Everest make it easy for you:

  • Family owned and operated for over 10 years
  • Highest trained techs in the industry
  • All techs undergo detailed criminal background check
  • Lowest prices on high-tech security cameras
  • Best customer service experience of your life
  • All major manufacturers and models of security cameras
  • Complete line of CCTV security cameras
  • Hand-made custom luxury gates with integrated security cameras
  • All mobile technology home security devices and features
  • Security camera repairs, fast response time

We are a family owned business, and we know how vital it is to have high quality security cameras at your gate and around your home to keep family safe from would-be intruders. This is why we offer all the major driveway gate security cameras for homes, and the top of the line in CCTC security cameras at affordable prices. Our technicians are passionate about protecting homes and families just like yours. This is why we have the highest training and offer the best customer service. Call us today, and let Everest secure your home with the best driveway gate cameras technology has to offer.


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