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Everest Provides the Best Home Security Cameras in LA

Los Angeles Security Camera Systems

There are many types of security camera systems designed to protect homes, businesses, and other properties throughout Los Angeles as well as remote areas with monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world. Everest Garage Door and Gates offers the top-of-the-line in Los Angeles security camera systems with a full product range of:

  • Wireless cameras
  • Driveway gate security systems
  • Security monitors and monitoring systems
  • Cellular security systems
  • HD security cameras
  • Smartphone home security solutions
  • Inferred security cameras
  • Power supplies
  • DVR packages
  • CCTV cameras for home

Whether you want a straight-forward access-controlled security system installed on your driveway gate, or you want a cutting edge security system that would make James Bond envious, Everest isn’t just the best gate repair company in Los Angeles, we also offer all types of gate security cameras to meet any need. Want to have instant access to real-time video footage at your driveway gate, even if you are vacationing in Fiji? Are you shopping various Los Angeles security camera systems looking for that ideal access-controlled system that gives individual access codes to multiple persons? Call Everest today, and let our team present you with some of the best gate security systems in LA that offer high-tech features, are easy to use, and grand the privacy and security you require.

How to Choose the Best Driveway Gate Security Cameras

There are many factors that go into making smart buying decisions when you shop through the hundreds of options the Los Angeles  security camera systems market offers. Here are some things to consider to help you get the most for your money, and a sense of flawless security:

Gate Security System Prices – Sometimes cheap is expensive. In order to get the best value for your money you don’t want to over-spend by going too big, but you don’t want to fall short by getting too little thus making your initial purchase a waste. Our security camera specialists at Everest find that high-quality, small security systems on the entry-level spectrum are ideal because they offer good protection with the ability to add CCTV cameras, stand alone cameras, infrared cameras and various other add-ons down the road. We have a wide range of reputable home security systems for your gate and fence that include Honeywell, Axis, Samsung, Visionline, Sunell, Dahua, Secequip and Hikivision. Our team at Everest can inspect your property, take down a list of your needs, and present you with the ideal solution that will give you peace of mind through fortified security.

Clarity – What good is a gate security camera is someone enters your property, breaks into your home, and makes off with some stollen goods and the security cameras show a blurry face that could be anyone including your Uncle Murray? Everest offers affordable Los Angeles security camera systemsInvesting in high-quality cameras that capture facial profiles and other identifiable marks help police make arrests, increase your chances of having your stollen property returned, and some criminals even bypass homes that have high-quality cameras. Everest offers HD security cameras, CCTV cameras for home and your gate, HD infrared cameras, motion activated security cameras, night vision security cameras, and multiple other options that grant image clarity in any weather condition, at any hour day or night.

Warranty – Finding Los Angeles gate security systems with cameras that offer a warranty is important in order to protect your investment. Some of these cheap no-brand cameras will sometimes offer a statutory product guarantee of six months, and even if the camera fails within that six-month gap, you will find yourself engaged in a battle to get your money back. Well-known and respected companies will sell CCTV cameras that often have a three-year warranty. Everest only offers these products, and installation is included.

Range – What do you want your driveway gate camera to see? Just vehicles or people on foot at your gate, any car parked outside your gate, or do you want a 160 degree peripheral view with distance capabilities? What about an ariel view on your entire property with a 360 degree viewable capability? Everest has affordable prices on a wide range of home security camera systems that offer the same expectations we have when considering our human sight. We even go beyond that standard by providing homes and businesses with CCTV surveillance cameras that offer views and zoom capabilities that people don’t have, unless they are cyborgs.

Lighting – The best Los Angeles security camera systems companies offer HD and high-quality CCTV surveillance cameras that can record color in daylight, but unless there are added lights to support your security measures, the images will appear black and white. Often, police can apprehend suspects using black and white camera footage, so long as the clarity is good. However, knowing the color of a car, someone’s hair, the color of their out-dated silly sweater, and other details always provides added intelligence. You can get low light cameras that don’t require any support lighting for nighttime hours, though they are rather costly. In some cases adding support lighting offers the clarity you need at a lower price that getting low light cameras. Just keep in mind Everest offers the lowest prices on all camera and security lighting types.

When you call Everest to help you select your best option from a long list of Los Angeles security camera systems, we will offer our expert advice on camera placement, gate security camera models, and viewing capabilities. If your home is backed on an alley, open land like a ravine in the hills off Coldwater Canyon, or if your property is backed against a school or some type of institution, having cameras on the back wall are beneficial. We cover all the bases and ensure you are outfitted with the best home security cameras for your driveway gate, fence, and walls.

Everest Serves all of LA with High-Tech Gate Security Cameras

CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Home or Business

If you are shopping for CCTV surveillance cameras for home or business needs, Everest offers all the major brands that will fit any budget. Having a solid monitoring system at your driveway gate and other points of access is paramount to keeping your property, family, and possessions safe whether you are home sleeping at night, at work, or on vacation. In addition, having CCTV surveillance cameras makes your domestic staff feel more secure, and can even reduce your insurance premiums that cover them under your roof. Regardless if money is no option and you simply want the best security cameras on the market, or you are on a narrow budget and need the most for your dollar in terms of image clarity, performance, and quality, our access to the Los Angeles security cameras market grants customers the best HD cameras and smartphone home security solutions to accommodate anyone.

Remote Access CCTV Cameras for Home or Business

everest security cameras in LAWant to be at work and see why an alarm went off at your driveway gate from a clear visual on your computer? Imagine being on vacation in Sardinia and using your mobile phone to see real-time footage of your backyard. What if you are home at night and an alarm signals that someone just gained access to your office at work; all you have to do is take your tablet, log in, and see who you have to fire in the morning. When you invest in remote access CCTV surveillance technology you can view your home’s security through HD cameras from anywhere in the world. When an alarm goes off you get an instant notification. You simply log into your surveillance camera’s IP address through an Internet signal on any device to get instant visuals on your property through all of your cameras.

CCTV Gate Surveillance Cameras

Having CCTV gate surveillance cameras offers a number of benefits that include:

  • Detouring would-be criminals who don’t want to be featured on the evening news
  • Allowing you, your kids, or staff to see who is at the gate without having to go outside
  • In some cases they lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • They can add re-sale value to a home
  • They give police vital information to catching trespassers
  • Protects high-profile individuals from creepy onlookers

Gain some extra peace of mind, make life easier, and let criminals know they can keep walking by having the intimidating presence of CCTV cameras at your driveway gate, on your walls, and surrounding your home. Everest will help you find the best security camera solution to keep your home and all within private and secure.

Everest Gate Security Cameras: Protecting Families in LA for more than 10 Years

Why People Love Everest for Home and Gate Security Cameras

Everest doesn’t just produce custom made driveway gates, we also fortify them and your property’s integrity with the best home and gate security cameras on the market. Home and businesses in Los Angeles work with Everest because we:

  • Offer all types of gate security cameras, CCTV cameras, remote monitoring solutions, and all the high-tech gadgets in home security
  • Guarantee the lowest prices on all high-quality driveway gate cameras, wall cameras, remote access monitoring systems.
  • Deliver red carpet customer service next to none
  • Dispatch technicians with the highest level of training
  • Employ professionals who pass comprehensive criminal background checks
  • Install all security cameras and offer routine maintenance

Want to know how to monitor the traffic at your driveway gate and see who is getting access to your property from any location in the world? Call Everest today and one of our specialists will come assess your property and offer a solution that will keep you and yours safe, and give you peace of mind when you are away on business, vacation, or at work.