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Everest Installs Cellular HD Cameras on Driveway Gates

Cellular HD Cameras for Gates

Outdoor security cameras are paramount to protecting your privacy, as well as your home and family’s safety, and when Everest installs cellular HD cameras for gates we take pride knowing that our superior quality products and technical know-how keeps local homes and businesses safe. You have the option of purchasing state-of-the art security cameras for your driveway gate, walls,

What are Cellular HD Cameras?

Cellular HD cameras are high definition monitoring equipment that grants cellular access through control products that connect with gate control panels and automatic gate systems. Everest offers cellular HD cameras for gates and access equipment that work with your current keypad or push-button opener. These cameras work with security equipment installed on driveway gates for homes and businesses with high traffic that require access controlled security. For example, if you have service crew and staff coming and going, or you run a business in the back of your home and see regular clients, you may want to give them individual access codes to use at the gate. Each time they enter the code an alert goes to your mobile phone and the cellular HD camera records the visitor and their vehicle and transmits the image over to you. With cellular HD cameras for gates you get:

  • Access codes that are easy to assign
  • Time-stamped photos of every guest
  • Gate activity sent via e-mail alerts and text messageslow cost cellular hd cameras
  • Gate transaction history stored in a Web log
  • Prop-open alerts
  • Scheduled gate control or on-demand
  • AC power / solar power
  • Cellular transmission
  • One year advance gate hold open schedule
  • Many more features based on model

Everest doesn’t just make and install custom driveway gates, we offer low prices on cellular HD cameras and we even install your security equipment with flawless accuracy.

Everest Gate Cameras and Security Systems Protecting Families for Over 10 Years

Driveway Gate Security Cameras

There are many different kinds of driveway gate security cameras, and there is always best cellular hd gate cameras in LAone system best suited for an individual’s needs. If you have lots of traffic coming in and out of your property and want to keep a record of who is visiting, a cellular HD camera would be an ideal option. Everest offers the state-of-the-art systems installed on site, and all it takes is you clicking a mouse to get an access code to assign to each visitor making them unique. You can get web-based accounts that give all kinds of options, such as access limits to each code. For example, if the pool cleaner comes every Thursday, you can use your cellular HD camera system to only give him a one-time access for every Thursday. If your nanny comes every day you can give her unlimited access during the week, and if you run a business on your property you can give clients access only at the times they have appointments.  Access can even be granted at specific times of the day, and can be easily changed in the event people have to reschedule.  Each time someone uses their code, a record is made and recorded giving you a history of visitors, their identities, the time of day they were there, and the date. Various cellular HD camera security systems can even tell you when the gate is open or closed. Most driveway gate cameras that run off cellular technology also take photos that are logged and forwarded to your mobile device.

Knowing who has access to your home and family is an important component of home security, and Everest is proud to offer affordable prices on all types of cellular HD security camera systems.

Los Angeles Cellular HD Cameras

When it comes to companies in Los Angeles that sell cellular HD cameras, Everest is the best because our staff, skills, and products far exceed the rest. People in LA who want a good deal on cellular HD cameras and security systems for their driveway gate love Everest because we:

  • Have highly trained staff capable of installing all manufacturer’s products with ease and perfection
  • Run full background checks on all employees to offer you additional security
  • Have the lowest prices on cellular HD cameras and gate security systems in Los Angeles
  • Offer exceptional customer service
  • Are family owned and operated for over a decade
  • Also perform gate repair, maintenance, installation and we make custom gates

When you need a security system for your driveway gate, a cellular HD camera system could be your ideal option. Call Everest and we can help you determine if this is your ideal solution, or if another gate security and monitoring system is more apropos to your needs.

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