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Everest Offers Fast & Friendly Gate Repair in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Gate Repair

Your gate doesn’t just add a touch of flare to your property, Van Nuys gate repair keeps your home safe from intruders and helps detour would-be thieves. Van Nuys is on the higher side for crime rates in the San Fernando Valley, and when our techs are dispatched to repair driveway gates, we understand that fixing the gate and making the customer feel safe again go hand-in-hand. Everest is not just another electric gate repair company providing service in Van Nuys; we work hard to strengthen our community by forming relationships with customers, offering low prices on gate repair, and we even offer make custom gates. Some of the services we perform include:

  • Electric gate repair
  • Sliding gate repair
  • Double swing gate repair
  • Barrier gate repair
  • Commercial gate repair
  • Vertical pivot gate repair
  • Vertical lift gate repair
  • Gate maintenance and tune-ups
  • Custom gate sales
  • New gate sales
  • Gate accessories

Our Van Nuys gate repair techs have advanced levels of training in repairing and maintaining all types of gates. If your gate is stuck, or your electric gate won’t open, our specialists can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it in no time!

What are the Best Gate Repair Companies in Van Nuys?

Property owners have several choices when it comes to Van Nuys gate repair companies; some are good, others have a ways to go. Everest Garage Doors and Gates stands out in a class of its own because we offer a business model and level of service nobody else nobody else is willing to perform. We offer a class of customer service that is intimately personal, because we care about our community members. Then we add skilled Van Nuys gate repair specialists hand-picked from a pool of Los Angeles gate repair experts to ensure all work is done to the highest standards. Everest offers all the major services anyone could possibly need, and we arrive to properties with lightening speed. Finally, no other gate repair company in Van Nuys offers a price as low as ours for such high quality work. We are dedicated to pleasing every customer, no matter what.

Proudly Protecting Families with Gate Repair in Van Nuys for Over 10 Years

Why do Gates Sag?

A gate sags because it wasn’t installed correctly, or it was poorly-made. A sagging gate can prevent one from opening and closing it, and most sagging gate issues happen to wood gates. If you are ready to fix your sagging gate you can go to a home improvement store and purchase a specialized kit to make repairs specifically to a gate that sags. These are also known as a turnbuckle kit that comes with the following parts:

  • Metal U-bolts
  • Wire cable
  • Two metal corner brackets
  • Mounting nails
  • Metal turnbuckle

Depending on how “handy” you are, and what type of gate you have and how bad the sagging is, these kits don’t always work and more often than not property owners with good intentions wind up causing further damage to their gate. Our Van Nuys gate repair service correct sagging gates all the time, as this is a very common issue. When we fix a sagging gate we are able to diagnose the cause and educate homeowners on how they can prevent it from happening again. If the gate is just poor quality, our gate repair specialists will advice the homeowner, and if a new gate is required we have access to hundreds of models, as well as our affordable custom gates.

What Should I do When my Gate Won’t Open and Close?

If your gate is stuck half-way open, or it simply won’t budge, you should first try to identify the problem and if you can’t fix it, call our Everest Van Nuys gate repair experts to get the job done. Some common problems for a gate that appears to be broken, but in fact isn’t, includes:

  • Dead batteries in the gate opener remote
  • No power flowing to the gate opener
  • Short in the panel or gate opener
  • Object stuck in the track
  • Gate is off track
  • Damaged wheels that need to be replaced
  • Electric eyes need to be repaired or replaced
  • Gate is sagging

If none of these pan out, call our team of Van Nuys gate repair pros so we can diagnose the problem, fix it, and test every component of your driveway gate to ensure it is in perfect working order.

Any Design. Any Size. Everest Makes Luxury Custom Gates

Van Nuys Custom Gates

In addition to gate repair, Everest is a company that makes custom gates for homes and businesses in Van Nuys, and we do it like nobody else:

  • Everest only uses high-quality materials
  • We source our own materials by hand to ensure the highest quality
  • Our gate builders are master craftsmen and artists skilled in metalworking and woodworking
  • Everest offers the lowest prices on the highest quality gates
  • We make all types of gates, from any materials
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Unparalleled customer service and communication

If you want to explore your options on a Van Nuys custom gate for your home, give our Everest crew a call and once we learn more about your property and your uniqie tastes, we can put together a proposal that will wow you!

Are Custom Gates Worth Buying?

Custom gates are worth buying, unless the benefits of a factory-made gate resonates with your needs. Some people prefer factory made gates over custom gates because they are already made and tend to cost less than custom gates. However, most people choose our Van Nuys custom gates because the benefits are plenty:

  • Many Everest custom gates cost the same or less than factory-made gates
  • Custom gates are made better and stronger
  • A custom gate can add resale value to your home
  • Custom gates can change your home’s style or enhance its style
  • They reflect your taste and aesthetics
  • Custom gates make your home stand out in the neighborhood
  • You get a one-of-a kind driveway gate
  • Custom gates are functional works of art

Everest can make a sleek modern metal gate, a ranch style rustic gate, or a Victorian-inspired gothic wrought iron electric gate. We can make wooden and metal custom gates, use both materials, and even do ornamentation and decorative work using brass, copper, tin, steel, iron, or any metal. We also source all types of wood ranging from pine to oak, black walnut, bamboo, birch, and everything in between. Want to include elements of mosaic tiles or stained glass into your Van Nuys custom gate? No problem; our artists can create a gate based on any vision or design wishes. Give us a call, and discover how we can add a touch of class and elegance to your home or business.

Why Everest is the Best Van Nuys Gate Repair Company

We aren’t afraid to sing our own praises, but more importantly neither are our customers. We are the best Van Nuys gate repair company because we raised the bar in customer care for other companies in this industry. Van Nuys gate repair for homes and businesses.Each customer becomes a member of our family, and we work with passion to secure every single property in Van Nuys using the most highly trained technicians. Our work is flawless, affordable, and we offer a plethora of options that include gate sales, custom gates, gate opener repair, gate opener sales, and routine maintenance. We do our research to stay ahead of the curve because we want to know without a doubt that our customers get the best service in Van Nuys gate repair when it comes to pricing, quality, and customer care. Call Everest today, and let us give you a class of service unlike anything you have experienced.