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Everest Provides Custom Gates and Gate Repair in Studio City

Studio City Gate Repair

Studio City is home to a number of gated luxury homes, and when you get home from having drinks at the Laurel Tavern only to discover your driveway gate won’t open, you need a Studio City gate repair company to quickly respond, diagnose the problem, and make it right. Everest is the best gate repair company in Studio City for our rare breed of customer serivce and attention to performing outstanding services. We offer:

  • Lowest prices in the industry for high quality service
  • Customer care customized to each client to ensure an amazing experience
  • Fast response time
  • Highly trained techs capable of working on all types of gates and manufacturers
  • Flawless work done right the first time
  • Custom made new gates

Your gate isn’t just a statement piece that beautifies your property; it is a fortification that keeps people off your property and that detours would-be break-ins. Our Studio City gate repair team members take pride in knowing that our work helps keep local families and businesses safe, and each tome we repair a driveway gate, we feel honored to play our role in helping to keep the Studio City community strong.

Why do Gates Get Stuck?

Your electric gate can get stuck for a number of reasons. You could have an electrical problem with the gate opener, or the gate may have simply lived its last leg and needs to be replaced. There are also “quick fix” reasons why a gate can get stuck, or fail to fully open or close. Before you call a Studio City Gate repair company life Everest to come investigate the problem, consider the following questions and investigate:

  • Is there an object wedged in the track preventing the gate from moving?
  • Do the batteries in the remote have juice?
  • Is there a short in the panel?
  • Are the wheels or rollers damaged?
  • Is electricity flowing to the unit?

Once you have explored these possibilities and there doesn’t seem to be an issue, call our Studio City gate repair squad and let out techs do what they do best–restore your gate and life back to full operation!

Everest Creates Luxurious Custom Gates in Studio City

Studio City Custom Gates

When looking for a Studio City custom gates company, you clearly want a high-quality team to produce clean welds and use high-end materials to accent your property. Everest isn’t just the best Studio City gate repair company, we also make custom gates made-to-order. Whether you have a design in mind, or you want us to develop a concept draft of a new gate to add a touch of elegance to your home, Everest makes superior gates that will make your neighbors reel with envy. Homeowners and businesses love our custom games because we:

  • Employ highly-trained artists with backgrounds in woodworking and metalworking
  • Our custom gate team sources the products we use to keep costs down
  • Only use the highest quality metals, wood, and stone to build our gates
  • Offer the lowest prices on high quality Studio City custom gates
  • Deliver a fast turn-around time
  • Install and test each gate we make

Our Studio City Custom gate artists treat each gate we make like a masterpiece. All gates are made on site in our warehouse, and quality control is employed through every step of the building process.

Why are Custom Gates Better than Manufactured Gates?

If you are considering a custom gate over a gate made en masse at some factory, there are a number of reasons why you may want to follow through and get a custom option. For example:

  • Custom gates are better-made and offer stronger construction
  • You can choose your own style
  • Custom gates can accent your homes architecture
  • A custom gate can help change the overall look of your home
  • You can choose any materials you want in your custom gate
  • Custom gates add resale value to most homes

Our Studio City custom gate team can make your gate any style, using any materials. Whether you want a streamlined, massive concrete gate to compliment the modern architectural style of your home off Laurel Canyon Blvd, or a wrought iron masterpiece to highlight your Tuscan style home off Berry Drive, Everest can do it all and we can even mix medias. Some of the products we use include:

  • Wood (oak, pine, bitch, ask, walnut, cedar, teak, bamboo, cork, elm and more)
  • Metal (iron, wrought iron, brass, copper, bronze, steel, aluminum, tin, more)
  • Stone (marble, quartz, soap stone, granite, more)
  • Concrete, glass, ornamentation, tile, ceramics)

Want a sleek pine gate with elements of wrought iron and stained glass? We can design and build any gate to reflect your style, and we do it at an amazingly low price while offering the best level of customer service in the Studio City gate repair and custom gate market! Call us today, and discover the Everest touch!