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Everest Makes Luxury Custom Driveway Gates, Serving Studio City

Studio City Custom Gates

Protecting your property and family is paramount, and when you call to speak with our Studio City custom gates providers at Everest, we can develop a luxurious, one-of-a-kind driveway gate that reflects your style and safeguards your family. For more than a decade, Everest has been making affordable custom driveway gates in Studio City, and we have come to be known as the preferred driveway gate company in the local area.  Property owners and businesses love Everest because we:

  • Offer a white-glove class of customer service next to none
  • All gates are made in-house at our local workshop
  • Delivery and installation is included
  • We guarantee the highest-quality custom gates at the lowest prices in all of LA
  • All gate-makers are studio-trained master craftsmen specializing in woodworking and metal working
  • We make all types of gates, using any material you want

Why buy a manufactured driveway gate from the big box store that looks like everything else, and lacks the strength and integrity of a custom, durable Everest gate? Call today, and tell us how you imagine your gate will look.

Custom Wood Gates in Studio City

Looking for custom wood gates in Studio City can be a challenge if you expect to find true master craftsmen who use the highest quality wood species to make amazing driveway gates. When you get a custom wood driveway gate from Everest, there is no better quality anywhere else in Studio City because all of our gates are:

  • Hand-made with love
  • Built by true artists who personally source the wood used to make each gate
  • Treated to withstand the sun, rain, and wind damage
  • Made-to-order once you approve the design concept Studio City custom gates by Everest

Custom wood gates in Studio City are popular because wood compliments multiple design styles, and it gives a warmer feeling than metal. Whether you have a rustic craftsman home, or a modern house, our team can create any style of gate to compliment your home’s architecture.

What Kind of Wooden Driveway Gate can I Get?

The great thing about Everest is we can source any type of wood and make exactly the kind of wooden driveway gate you want for your Studio City home. Some of the most popular types of wood we use include:

  • Oak driveway gates
  • Cedar driveway gates
  • Pine driveway gates
  • Birch driveway gates
  • Bamboo driveway gates
  • Ash driveway gates
  • Walnut driveway gates
  • Cherry wood driveway gates
  • Reclaimed barn wood driveway gates

When our Studio City custom gates team goes out looking for the best examples of the wood specified to make your driveway gate, we pay close attention to the wood’s health, color, grain, and texture. We only use the best materials, so when you get an Everest custom gate, you get a functional piece of art that was made at the highest standards.

Custom Iron Gates in Studio City

We don’t just know our way around a piece of lumber; Everest has an amazing team of metalworkers who make the highest quality custom iron gates in Studio City, and driveway gates made from other types of metal too. Most metal is extremely durable, so the heavier types are popular with those whose driveways are located right off a busy road. We work with most varieties of metal that include:

  • Wrought iron gates Everest makes the best Studio City custom gates for your driveway
  • Steel gates
  • Aluminum gates
  • Copper gates
  • Brass gates
  • Bronze gates

Many homeowner’s who want the metal look and whose driveway gate is located far enough away from the road will opt for a custom aluminum gate because they are lower in cost, the the chance of a vehicle striking a gate located up hill or away from the street is slim. Those whose gate is right off the road tend to go with iron or steel. Our Studio City custom gates team can make any type of gate using any metal or blend of wood and metal to give you the look you desire. If you want a gothic-inspired wrought iron gate or a pine and steel modern industrial sliding gate, we can make your vision come true, and with the highest integrity put into each weld.

Are Custom Gates Better than Manufactured Driveway Gates?

The only reason someone should ever buy a manufactured driveway gate is if they are in a hurry, and don’t care how strong it is. That said, custom made driveway gates are always better than any random gate you guy from those large home improvement stores, because they are made by hand, and the welds are of the highest quality. Studio City custom gates are a great investmentWhen you invest in a custom gate for your Studio City home, the benefits are numerous and include:

  • A custom driveway gate will make your home stand out as being the classiest one on the street
  • Custom gates add re-sale value to your home
  • Studio City custom gates from Everest reflect your style and make a personal statement
  • Custom gates can change the look of your home, or enhance its architectural style
  • Custom gates are stronger and last longer

Because all of our Studio City custom gates are locally made to order, our overhead is low because we don’t have to ship long distances or pay for an additional workshop space. This means our prices are low, and many of the custom gates we make cost the same as boring manufactured ones from the big depot stores.

Studio City Custom Gates by Everest, From Our Family to Yours

We may not be the only Studio City custom gates company, but we feel we are the best, and we would like to tell you why:

  • Family owned for more than 10 years
  • Local company with firm community roots planted in Studio City
  • Guaranteed lowest cost on high-quality custom gates
  • We also offer driveway gate security cameras with installation
  • Best customer service experience of your life; white-glove all the way
  • Fast turn-around time because we are local and near you 

We know that your family’s safety and privacy is important, because that’s the way we feel about our own families. That’s why we treat every customer like a family member, and take great pride in making high-quality, luxury gates that fortify your home and give you peace of mind while away for business, or when winding down to go to sleep at night. Give our friendly staff a call, tell us about your property, needs, and the type of gate you imagine protecting your home from intruders. Let’s work together and design something amazing!