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Everest Provides Custom Driveway Gates and Gate Repair in WeHo

West Hollywood Gate Repair

Whether you live right around the corner from Hamburger Mary’s with a buster swing gate, or you have a pad out on Westbourne Drive with a damaged driveway gate, our Everest team of West Hollywood gate repair professionals will provide you with fast, high-quality service at the most affordable prices in WeHo. We don’t think of ourselves as an ordinary low cost gate repair company in LA; we treat our customers like family and form authentic connections with the rich mix of families that live in West Hollywood. Having a functional gate doesn’t just improve the look of your property; it keeps out intruders such as wandering party boys who had a few too many cocktails at The Abbey. Nobody want to come home and find a guy passed our on their geraniums! When you call Everest we will quickly fix the problem so you can regain that peace of mind.

What Should I do if My Driveway Gate Gets Stuck?

Driveway gates have a number of working parts that can wear down and break. The first thing to do is start by checking for the simplest quick-fixes before gradually moving on to more advanced diagnoses that may require West Hollywood gate repair services from Everest.

  • Check to make sure the batteries in your remote have life
  • Try opening and closing the gate at the wall panel
  • Check the track for an obstruction or damage
  • Make sure the wheel bearings are in good order
  • Look at the chain for any signs of damage
  • Make sure electricity is flowing to the unit

If none of these steps reveal the culprit, try shutting off the power and disconnect the chain (if it has one) or the gate arm, and try moving your gate by hand. If it jerks or spasms when it moves, then there is a problem with the gate. If it glides with ease, then the problem is likely with the motor or there may be an electrical issue. Either way, our team of West Hollywood gate repair surgeons will run a thorough inspection, locate the headache, and triage the problem with two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

Why do Driveway Gates Break?

Just like any other device that has a lot of electrical components and interconnected parts, things can eventually go wrong requiring repair. Our West Hollywood gate repair team has seen a lot, considering we have been in business over a decade. west hollywood gate repair servicesWhile some problems seem common enough, others appear rare though we get a lot of calls resulting in the discovery of some of the strangest causes for gate issues. Here are a mixed bag of reasons why your driveway gate can misbehave:

  • Little critters. As odd as it sounds we have discovered nests of mice inside motor housings where they have chewed on wires. They can also crawl into the photo safety censors where it is warm, along with lizards and snakes.
  • The tracks. Automatic gates especially have issues with tracks. If debris or rocks get lodged in there, the game can become immobilized.  Sometimes the gate will come off its track, or the track can get dented.
  • Remote control. You may need to replace the batteries, or the remote control might be broken. You may also need to change the frequency. However, most modern gate openers are set to automatically change the frequency after each time it is engaged so thieves can’t copy and clone it with a scanner.

In some cases gates finally just given up the ghost and die. Just like your car’s engine, garage door opener, washing machine, and your computer, a driveway gate has a lifespan. But never fear; our West Hollywood gate repair company also offers the best prices on new and custom gates!

Everest Offers Luxury at Affordable Prices

New and Custom Driveway Gates in West Hollywood

Do you need a new driveway gate? Have you ever wanted a hand-crafted piece of art on your property? Everest offers the lowest prices on new driveway gates in West Hollywood, and we also offer high-quality, stunning custom gates priced well below the average cost so that more people can own a working piece of art. Our creative team is comprised of skilled metal workers, wood workers, and glass-blowers who work closely with the clients to build the custom gate of their dreams. A lot more customers are investing in custom gates over new mass-produced factory gates because they:

  • Offer a unique flare to your street
  • Emphasize and compliment your home’s aesthetics
  • Change the look of your home
  • Reflect your own personal style
  • Are better-made and last longer than run-of-the-mill catalogue models
  • They add value in your property’s equity when you go to re-sell your home

Our driveway gate artists are master welders that can work with any type of metal. We also do custom wood-working and can implement mixed medias into your gate design. What a steel gate with inlaid cedar that has your monogram on it? What to incorporate glass, concrete and metal? We work with only the highest quality materials, our team hunts down the products you want, and we deliver luxurious gates on schedule, at an amazing price you will love!

The Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow is the Savings Everest Offers

What is the Best West Hollywood Gate Repair Company?

Okay, so we are going to toot our own horn and say we are the best West Hollywood Gate repair company, and here is why:

  • Our customer service is next to none; we form relationships
  • We go above and beyond on every job
  • Our training is advanced and we have a perfect safety record
  • All products are of the highest quality
  • our prices are competitive; we always check to make sure we offer the lowest rates on luxury gates

Whether your gate motor took a dive, you want to add some swing gates to your property, or make a big statement with a new custom driveway gate, call our West Hollywood gate repair team and let us wow you with a class of service unlike anything you have seen before!