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Any gate regardless of its shape material size or age will have problems. Just like in any mechanical equipment, electric driveway gates will have issues. Identifying the issue can be as simple as a no power or a visible obstruction preventing the gate from closing or opening.

To find out the problem during the day is advisable, during low light of nearing evening or complete darkness of the night can get tricky and risky. We encourage visual inspection only!

WARNING!!! DO NOT stick your hands in places you can severely hurt yourself WARNING!!! 

If you see any issue with your electric gate and unsure about how to fix it, Call Everest at 888-787-4441. It is the best action to take. Trying to fix the problem yourself can result in injury or additional damage to your gate, motor, posts, track, sensors and car.

Our team is ready to help you solve your problem. The best driveway Gate Repair in Los Angeles comes with top qualifications to service and repair your driveway gate. Looking for the Best Electric Gate Repair Los Angeles service for your home or business, Everest is ready! Please Call (888) 787-4441 we look forward to helping you. Check our gate repair and installation reviews on Yelp and Google.


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