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The reason your electric driveway gate is not closing, could be as a result of a few possibilities. First and most common is power outage. second is your gate Safety Eye misaligned or damages. Third it could possibly be your safety loop if you have one installed. There are cases of a failed motherboard or an issue with the AC motor. Both slide gates and swing gates share the similar issues but not always the case. Heavy gates can damage gate motors, for a few years your gate works well and then one day it simply gives up, exhausted from the hard labor it had to endure. Getting a bigger stronger Liftmaster or AllOmatic electric motor in most cases remedy the issue but there are times when the gate itself needs to be rebuilt or, have better hinges and stronger post installed. 

Our team is ready to help you solve your problem. The best driveway Gate Repair in Los Angeles comes with top qualifications to service and repair your driveway gate. Looking for the Best Electric Gate Repair Los Angeles service for your home or business, Everest is ready! Please Call (888) 787-4441 we look forward to helping you. Check our gate repair and installation reviews on Yelp and Google.

Warning! Everest does NOT recommend any uncertified gate technician to handle or troubleshoot gate operators.Any attempt may cause property or bodily damage.



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