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Everest Provides Hermosa Beach Residents with the Best Gate Repair Service in Town!

Hermosa Beach Gate Repair

Homeowners and businesses rely on Hermosa Beach gate repair companies to respond quickly, diagnose the problem, and fix it with expert care; Everest Garage Doors and Gates has been providing locals with low-cost, high-quality gate repair services for more than a decade, and we love what we do! Although we fix any gate type ranging from electric gates to pool gates, garden gates, and even fences, driveway gates are by far the most popular type we fix. After all, the gate is the moving part that is accessed on a daily basis, whereas the fence stays stationary. There are two main types of driveway gates: sliding gates and swing gates. Our Hermosa Beach gate repair team stays busy fixing driveway gates; both styles have intricate working parts,and like any other mechanism that receives constant use, things can break. When our technicians repair sliding driveway gates, repairs or total part replacements can be required due to the following damaged pieces:

  • Chain and chain tensioners
  • Overhead track and wheels
  • Rollers and guides
  • Boxes, wheels and track
  • Pipe track and cantilever and gate hardware
  • Gate catchers and locks
  • Barn door hardware, and other style hardware

In order for your driveway gate to operate efficiently, each of these parts must work together in perfect unity allowing the gate to function flawlessly. If one of these is broken, Hermosa Beach gate repair companies like Everest can come out and inspect the piece until we detect the culprit and replace it.

If you have a damaged swing gate fortifying your property, our experts at Everest can fix it as easily as we can a sliding gate. Swing gates have different components and therefore require different tools and training to repair them. Our Hermosa Beach gate repair team has been trained to service all gate types, and even fix the most complex problems. The working parts of a swing gate include:

  • Uphill hinges and standard hinges                                                    Everest offers high quality Hermosa Beach gate repair services.
  • Positive stops
  • Locks and bolts
  • Galvanized wall plates
  • Pad mounting pedestal
  • Gate pivot
  • Gate holder

Your gate can break down for a number of reasons because it has so many working parts that require annual maintenance. Unfortunately, most people forget that their driveway gates require routine care. The last thing you need is to return home from cycling along the beach with your family only to discover your driveway gate is stuck half way open. Call our Hermosa Beach gate repair crew, and we will fix your gate in no time at an affordable price you will love., using only the highest quality parts and welding techniques.

How can I Fix my Driveway Gate?

If your driveway gate is legitimately broken, our Hermosa Beach gate repair experts encourage you to let our guys fix the problem. Driveway gates have some pretty intricate components, and repairing them is what we do best. In some cases, however, there may be other reasons why the gate won’t function that you could fix on your own. It is quite common for driveway gates to only appear broken, when in reality they just require a minor fix:

  • Your remote batteries need to be replaced
  • There is a short circuit in the panel
  • Your son’s baseball glove got wedges into the track (or some debris or random object)
  • The electric eyes need to be replaced (they retail for around $50 and are easy to install)
  • There is no electricity flowing to the opener

If all of these check out and offer no explanation for the damage, call our skilled Hermosa Beach gate repair company. We will arrive to your home with lightening speed with a truck full of parts and tools to ensure we get the job done right without having to make return visits.

High-Quality Gate Repair by Everest Keeps Families Safe

What is the Best Hermosa Beach Gate Repair Company?

There are many reasons why Everest is the best Hermosa Beach gate repair company:

  • We are family-owned, and our techs take great pride in knowing that our gate repairs keep families safe.
  • Everest has the most advanced training in the industry, performing only top-quality work.
  • We offer the lowest prices on gate repair.
  • Our customers enjoy a luxury-style class of customer service.
  • We perform all types of repairs, perform installations, and sell new gates, even custom-made ones.

Whether you have a beautiful home on Beach Drive that needs fast gate repair, or you have a broken driveway gate at your place of business on Hermosa Ave, our friendly technicians will speed out to your property and repair the gate making it as good as new. our Hermosa Beach gate repair specialists form relationships with our clients because we love our city and we feel that taking the time to be there for people strengthens our amazing community. If you have a broken driveway gate, call Everest and let us make all the difference in restoring peace and security back to your home life.

A Custom Gate by Everest Offers Affordable Luxury

Hermosa Beach Custom Gates

Everest doesn’t just repair gates, we make them according to the customer’s specifications using only the finest quality woods and metals. A custom gate is a perfect investment because it:

  • Allows homeowners to showcase their unique style
  • Changes the aesthetics of the house
  • Compliments and enhances the home’s architectural style
  • Makes your home look like the best one on the street
  • Increases the re-sale value of your home
  • Is stronger and offers better security than a mass manufactured gate

Our custom gates offer customers affordable options because our artists hand-pick the materials themselves thus cutting out the middle man. We also make our gates on site. Hermosa Beach custom gates are low cost and high quality with Everest. Then we pass the savings on to the customer because our business model is that when you treat people right, they will come back. Our Hermosa Beach custom gate teams are highly trained metalworkers and woodworkers–true craftsman who make stunning works of art. We can make all styles of gates from various woods like pine, oak, cedar, bamboo, and more. We also use steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, wrought iron and various other materials like soapstone, quartz, marble, stained glass…nothing is off limits. The most popular gates we make are:

  • Modern and minimalistic
  • Rustic and country sheik
  • Contemporary and clean lines
  • Victorian
  • Gothic
  • Custom ornamentation
  • Mixed medias

We can take your design, or work with you to draft up an amazing custom gate that will offer elegance and class to your property. Everest has been outfitting homes with the best quality Hermosa Beach custom gates for more than 10 years, and our quality is next to none. We can make sliding gates, swing gates, fences, pool gates, garden door gates, and anything in between.

Do you need fast Hermosa Beach gate repair, or a new custom driveway gate to keep your home safe and secure? Call Everest today and learn why we are the best gate repair company in Hermosa Beach, and all of Los Angeles!