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Everest Offers the Best in Glendale Gate Repair and Custom Gates

Glendale Gate Repair

Gate repair is a service required when your driveway gate fails to close or function thus leaving your home and family vulnerable; Everest has been offering low cost Glendale gate repair services for over a decade, and we pride ourselves on performing quality work that keeps our community members safe. If your electric gate is stuck half way open, Everest is the best Glendale gate repair company you can call, and here is why:

  • Lowest cost on high quality gate repair, guaranteed
  • Our techs have the best industry training; we work on all gates and gate openers
  • Everest gate repair offers the best customer service in the industry, offering the red carpet treatment to all clients
  • Our techs are local to Glendale; we love our neighbors
  • All technicians who come to your property have had rigorous background checks
  • Full service company offering all types of gate repair, new gate sales, custom gates, and maintenance
  • Fast response time, we mobilize immediately

Finding the right company to perform Glendale gate repair is important because it can mean the difference between a a company that will overcharge you using cheap parts installed by the owner’s cousin, and high quality work for an affordable cost at the hands of expertly trained professionals who are passionate about keeping Glendale homes and businesses secure.

What Should I do when my Driveway Gate won’t Open?

When your driveway gate refuses to open or close, the first thing you should do it determine whether or not you need to call Everest for Glendale gate repair, or if you can resolve the problem on your own. In many cases a gate that appears to be broken isn’t, and you can save yourself time and money by performing a quick inspection. Here are some common causes for a gate that won’t function that homeowners can usually resolve on their own:

  • There could be debris or an object stuck in the track
  • Batteries may need to be replaced in the remote
  • Electricity may not be flowing to the opener
  • Wheels or rollers may need to be lubed
  • Electric eyes might need to be replaced
  • There might be a short in the panel

If you explore these possibilities only to uncover nothing, call our Glendale gate repair pros at Everest. We will perform a comprehensive inspection checking every single part, make the needed repairs or replace parts, test the gate, and  give you our seal of approval that your driveway gate works as good as new!

Everest Delivers on Luxury. Ask about our Custom Gates.

Glendale Custom Gates

Are you ready to add a touch of luxury to your property? If so adding a beautiful hand-made gate in house by our custom Glendale gates craftsmen is a sure way to make your home stand out as the premiere house on the street. When you work with Everest to order a custom driveway gate, we start by taking your design concept or we work with you to create one. Once the design has been approved we get to work to give you a one-of-a-kind electric gate that we like to call a functional piece of art. Customers love Everest for our Glendale custom gates because we do things differently:

  • Our team sources and hand-selects all materials keeping the overhead low so you can save money
  • We only use the highest quality materials
  • Our Glendale custom gates team are highly trained metalworkers and woodworkers with art backgrounds
  • Our custom gates come in any style including modern, Victorian, gothic, cultural specific, and rustic
  • We offer the lowest prices on high quality custom gates in Glendale
  • Our communication and customer service skills are heads above the rest
  • Our team gets to work right away offering a faster turn around time that the other guys

Our guys at Everest pride themselves on more than just offering the most beautiful gates in all of LA with outstanding customer care; we are proud to be versatile and skilled to make custom gates out of any material. We can even mix materials making gates out of both wood and metal, or concrete and decorative glass. Some of the most frequently requested materials we use to build our Glendale custom gates includes:

  • Metals like brass, copper, bronze, wrought iron, tin, steel, iron, aluminum and more
  • Wood like oak, cedar, pine, walnut, cherry, bamboo and others
  • Concrete, tiles, ornamental work, stained glass, decorative materials

Our Glendale custom gates team can even display your initials, family crest, or any symbol and image you would like displayed on your gate. Call Everest today and share your vision with our custom gate artists.

How Much are Custom Gates?

The cost of a custom gate depends on the company, the size, the time to make it, and the materials. in other words, your dream gate could cost $5000 with Company A and $9000 with Company B. No matter how large or heavy your gate is, or how difficult the terrain is where your custom gate will be installed, Everest offers the lowest price in Glendale and the surrounding area, no matter what. Here is how we keep our costs low:

  • Many custom gate companies have their products made in Mexico or even Downtown, raising the customer’s cost due to shipping. At Everest our gates are made in house, right here in Glendale.
  • Our custom gate builders have resources the other guys don’t; we source and choose all woods and metals that go into our gates. This cuts out the middle man and helps us keep our costs lower.
  • Everest gate builders are also the designers and they perform the installations, giving you a simple and affordable way to do business
  • We work within budgets. There is an option for a custom gate within any price range.

When you let our Glendale custom gates experts create your new electric gate, you get superior quality with many advantages. Our custom gates have been known to raise the re-sale value of homes, change the aesthetic style of your property, compliment the current design, and our custom gates are much stronger than any factory made gate from the big box store. Give us a call today, and let’s work together to create a beautiful statement piece that secures your home for life.

Everest Puts Family First. Let Our Gate Repair Protect Yours.

Why the Best Glendale Gate Repair Company is Everest

We are a local family-owned business, and that’s why your family and business matters the most to us. For over 10 years Everest Garage Doors and Gates has been performing low cost services to protect our local friends and neighbors. Whether your need gate repair in Crescenta Highlands, or your home is out by Glendale Community College, our experts will speed on out and make things right in no time giving you peace of mind that your home and family are safely secure. Customer service means everything to us, as does the high quality of our affordable Glendale gate repair and custom gates. Call today, and make a solid relationship with a local company that will always have your back.