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Everest Offers Fast Gate Repair and Custom Gates in Burbank

Burbank Gate Repair

Between all the rent-controlled apartments, family homes, and multiple businesses, Burbank has a massive influx of gated properties, and that means there is a high demand for Burbank gate repair companies that offer speedy service at an affordable price. Everest is a low cost gate repair company that performs the highest quality service. Our technicians are trained to work on any type of gate, and fix any manufacturer’s gate opener with zero difficulty. Our Burbank gate repair services are favored by local residents because:

  • Most of our technicians live locally in Burbank
  • We offer a class of customer service that can’t be beat; building relationships with every customer we help
  • All Burbank gate repair techs have gone through a comprehensive background check
  • Our guys are true specialists with the highest level of training in the industry
  • We offer the lowest prices on the highest quality work, guaranteed
  • We repair, replace, do tune-ups, and create custom gates

The last thing you need is to get home from taking your out-of-town guests to Warner Brothers Studios for a tour to discover your driveway gate won’t close. Call our Everest Burbank gate repair squad right away because a broken gate leaves your home vulnerable to intruders. We will come out, perform an inspection, diagnose the problem, and mend the damage in no time!

Why Won’t my Driveway Gate Open?

Driveway gates in Burbank generally won’t open due to a quick-fix problem most homeowners can triage on their own. Some of these include:

  • Dead batteries in the remote
  • No electricity flowing to the unit / opener
  • A lizard or some little animal may have crawled into the electric eye housing where it is safe and warm
  • Short in the panel
  • Object lodged in the track preventing motion
  • Electric eyes are out and need to be replaced
  • Wheels or rollers need to be lubricated

If you scope out these possibilities only to rule them out as having anything to do with why your gate won’t open, call Everest for Burbank gate repair and rest assured knowing we will expose the problem and fix it like it never happened.

Everest Offers Affordable Luxury with High Quality Custom Gates

Burbank Custom Gates

Everest isn’t just known as a Burbank gate repair company, we also make the highest quality custom gates in all of Los Angeles. We understand that this is a pretty big claim, and this is why our team of Burbank custom gates artists are ready to back up these words by showing customers samples of our work. In the mean time, here are some of the reasons why we feel (and our customers agree) our guys make the finest quality gates in all of Burbank and the greater Los Angeles area:

  • We only use premium quality materials
  • All materials are sourced by an in-house team of shoppers that work with the design team
  • Our Burbank custom gates team are all highly trained master craftsman with advanced metalworking and woodworking skills
  • All gates are made to order, in house
  • We make gates according to your concept, work with you to create a design, or present one for approval based on your needs
  • We deliver, install, and test every custom gate that leaves our workshop
  • We make gates in single or mixed media materials

Are you interested to learn more about the benefits of a custom gate securing your property? Call our friendly Everest team and let us know your needs and how we can help secure your home with a touch of class.

Are Custom Gates Worth It?

There are way more pros than there are cons to having a custom gate versus a factory made one. Although custom gates require a longer wait time and tend to cost more, a custom gate from Everest offers a multitude of benefits, and price and wait time are included. Our gates are priced only slightly higher than factory-made gates, and some of our gates even cost less that mass produced ones. Also, we offer a quick turn-around time. Other considerations to make when thinking of getting a custom gate include:

  • You get a one-of-a-kind gate and not something that thousands of other people have
  • Custom gates add resale value to your property
  • A custom gate lets you express your style
  • Custom gates are stronger and made better
  • A custom gate can enhance your home’s architectural style, or even change it’s overall look
  • Since a custom gate increases the value of your home, it is an investment rather than just a feature

Whether you require a massive concrete sliding gate with clean lines to compliment your modern-style home, or you want a hybrid wood and metal gate to give a touch of rustic elegance to your home in the hills, our Burbank custom gate team can create any style, using any materials. Some of these include:

  • Superior quality stone like quarts, marble, granite, soap stone and others
  • Beautiful wood like oak, pine, cedar, black walnut, birch, teak, bamboo, ash, cherry, and more
  • An array of metals like copper, bronze, brass, steel, tin, aluminum, iron, wrought iron
  • Other materials like tile, mosaics, various glass types, ornamentation, concrete

Do you have a mysterious Victorian style home and wonder how a wood and wrought iron driveway gate with stained glass inlays would look? We can provide a concept design to help you choose the perfect option from the skilled hands of our burbank custom gates design team. Call now, and share your aesthetic desires with us!

Everest is the Best Burbank Gate Repair Company

Is your gate off track? Is your driveway gate making a funny noise? Give our Burbank gate repair crew a call today, and learn why Everest has redefined customer service in the gate repair industry. We take pride in making the most complicated gate repairs without even breaking a sweat, and every chance we get to offer exceptional customer service allows us to work with a smile. Give Everest a call today, and let us show you what red carpet customer care in the Burbank gate repair scene is all about!