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Providing Luxury Custom Gates for Brentwood Homes for Over a Decade

Brentwood Custom Gates

Our Brentwood custom gates are designed by an elite team of Everest metalworkers and woodworkers who understand the local demand for top-notch quality and superior reinforcement when it comes to designing and building driveway gates for 90049 residents. Brentwood is one of the most desired, affluent places in Los Angeles boasting beautiful houses on perfectly manicured streets, and the demand for one-of-a-kind flawless gates is paramount for maintaining a look of superior elegance and fortified security.

For more than 10 years our local Brentwood custom gates team has been creating driveway gates that we like to think of as functional works of art. Everest is a preferred custom gate company because our quality, pricing, and customer service is core to our business model, and we never sacrifice on the customer experience. This means we strive to stay number one by giving our customers the following:

  •  Hand-crafted custom gates of superior quality
  • Strong, fortified gates with ironclad integrity 
  • We work with clients to take their design ideas and create a concept they love and sign off on before each build
  • Our Brentwood Custom gates team can make driveway gates from wood, metal, stone, sky is the limit
  • Lowest cost investment for high quality gates, guaranteed
  • Fast, reliable service
  • White glove customer service without compromise  

If you want a custom driveway gate for your Brentwood home, call Everest today. We can come assess your property, consult to get your specific requirements, and we can even install the newest driveway gate security cameras to your custom order to offer the ultimate in home protection and peace of mind.

Everest Custom Gates Protect Top Brentwood Properties

What Types of Custom Gates can I Get for my Home in Brentwood?

Everest offers a wide variety of custom driveway gates, and other gate types of various designs and construction materials. The most common custom gates we produce are made from woods and metals, and include the following:

Wood Gates

  • Oak Gates
  • Pine Gates
  • Cedar Gates
  • Bamboo Gates
  • Birch Gates
  • Cherry Wood Gates
  • Walnut Gates

Custom Metal Gates

  • Iron Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Steel Gates
Both wood and metal gates can be extremely strong, and offer multiple looks to accomodate a plethora of styles. Really, it just comes down to personal preference. We find that most customers who look for custom wood gates in Brentwood choose this option for the organic, natural look. Customers who prefer custom metal gates tend to want maximum strength and like the look of an industrial modern feel.

At Everest our Brentwood custom gates team sources our own wood and metals so we can ensure the health and integrity of the materials is top class all the way. All wood and metal gates are hand-made to order from the hands of our skilled woodworkers and metalworkers. We can create any custom gate design be it Victorian, Modern, Art Deco, Craftsman, Western / Rustic, Gothic, or Contemporary. We can also do custom work and ornamentation such as adding intricate patterns and designs, or infusing your initials or the name of your property into the gate’s design. Our team can also make custom gates using both wood and metal, or even other materials like glass, stone, or tile.

Why Everest is the Best Brentwood Custom Gates Company

We know you have many options to choose form when it comes to Brentwood custom gates companies, and our customers who have researched and used other gate manufacturers in brentwood agree Everest is, by far, the best for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why we are confident we are your best option:

Customer Service – Providing excellent customer care is paramount to our business model. We are a family-owned business with deep community roots. This means we value Brentwood families and pride ourselves on creating, installing, and servicing our custom gates knowing that our skills are being put to use to help keep people in the community safe. Our approach to customer service is very boutique and white glove; we provide detailed attention, constant communication, and work with clients to ensure their gate design is exactly as they want it.

High Quality at Low Cost – Unlike most Brentwood custom gate companies that outsource work, Everest makes all gates in house to ensure constant quality control, and to keep our overhead low so we can pass the savings on to customers. This means we don’t increase prices to make up for long-distance shipping, or second-party production. We also cut costs and maintain the highest quality by sourcing our own products, t=rather than leave the task up to a vendor.

Fast Turn Around – Let us know when you need your gate, and our team will make the deadline. Everest is a Brentwood custom gates company.Because we make our gates in house, we have tighter control over production for meeting deadlines. For more than a decade we have been producing luxury Brentwood custom gates, and we have never missed a deadline. All of our gates are made specifically to the client’s specification, delivered and installed on or before the deadline.

Ultimate Go-To Company for Brentwood Home Security – We don’t just make custom gates, we also  provide the latest in home security technology that includes all the major brands and types of CCTV cameras for your driveway gate, walls, and home’s perimeter. We even offer the latest in technology such as off site monitoring service, digital recording equipment, access management systems, and mobile monitoring accessible with smartphones.