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Hand-Made Luxury. Everest Custom Gates in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Custom Gates

Beverly Hills is one of the most coveted places to call home; with its manicured residential streets and luxury homes, finding a local Beverly Hills custom gates supplier is not only paramount to keeping the neighborhood uniformed in appearance, but it is necessary to ensuring your privacy and safety. Unfortunately, Beverly Hills draws a few odd-balls here and there: crazy people hunting for celebrities, trespassers who make a sport of entering private property and running away, pool-crashers, and daily looky-loos. One of the best ways you can increase your safety and privacy is to add a custom driveway gate with CCTV cameras for home security, and peace of mind. Furthermore, installing a Beverly Hills custom gate offers a number of other benefits that include:

  • Having a driveway gate can lower many homeowner’s insurance policies
  • A custom driveway gate enhances your home’s aesthetics and architecture
  • Custom gates can make homes in already competitive neighborhoods stand out as being the one to envy
  • Investing in a custom driveway gate increases your home’s resale value
  • Hand-made gates can reflect your personal style and make a statement

Everest offers Beverly Hills custom gates made from wood, metal, concrete, and a number of other materials. Our gates are hand-made by local artists employed full-time on staff, and our studio is right here in Los Angeles meaning you get a faster turn-around time, and lower cost. Give Everest a call today; let us get to know your property, your style, and see what your vision looks like when we present a concept that will amplify class, and add much-needed security.

Custom Wooden Gates in Beverly Hills

Wood is a great medium to use in creating custom driveway gates, and there are many species to choose from to customize the look and feel you desire. When property owners get custom wooden gates in Beverly Hills by Everest, they enjoy a level of quality unrivaled in all of LA. Each gate that leaves our workshop is carved, scraped, constructed and treated by the hands of trained woodworkers with backgrounds in art. Our custom wooden gate Beverly Hills team even sources the wood to ensure its premium health, quality, and grain integrity. Wooden driveway gates are popular with clients who desire a warner look, or who have a style of home wood compliments, like a Tudor-style, craftsman, or ranch-style home. Popular types of wood requested by Everest clients include:

  • Custom oak gates Beverly Hills Custom Gates Wooden Driveway Gates.
  • Custom cedar gates
  • Custom pine gates
  • Custom birch gates
  • Custom bamboo gates
  • Custom cork gates
  • Custom walnut gates
  • Custom cherry gates
  • Custom spruce gates

All of our wooden driveway gates are treated and sealed to resist damage from strong wind, rain, and ongoing exposure from the sun’s rays. Wood is a great medium to use to create any look. We can design a one-of-a-kind modern wooden gate with beautiful planks and clean lines, or a rustic style wooden gate to compliment a craftsman. Our team can even incorporate wrought iron and wood into a gate design, or mix any other mediums. Our Beverly Hills custom gates crew are passionate about what they do, and each gate that leaves the studio is a work of art that they view as being their baby. At Everest we take great pride in providing the people of Beverly Hills with superior quality custom gates, and our dedication to customer service and passion shows in every driveway gate we build.


Custom Iron Driveway Gates

You won’t find better quality custom iron driveway gates that what our Everest metalworkers produce on site in our Los Angeles-based workshop. We hand-make decorative gates built to last using flawless welds and our material standards go beyond the industry’s minimum for all gate construction. Best practices calls for custom iron driveway gates to have at least 1/8″ material thickness and a 1/4″ wall thickness. Everest goes beyond this standard and puts our quality seal on every custom metal gate we produce by increasing the material thickness. Depending on the type of gate you need, the metal used, and any other custom details you may want added, the thickness varies but will always be stronger than the manufactured metal gates you buy from big box stores. Some of the metals we use to make custom gates include:

  • Iron Custom iron gates in Beverly Hills
  • Steel
  • Wrought Iron

Custom electric driveway gates are ideal for property owners who require a well made, functional and decorative entry to thier home or business. These customers normally tend to have gates up a hill away from the road where the threat of an accidental impact to the gate is highly unlikely. Homeowner’s in areas with high-risk impact, like those who live on Coldwater Canyon, normally go for steel or iron because it is heavy, durable, and can take heavy hits while still staying intact.

Our Beverly Hills custom gates can take any metal, and create any style with customized details. If you want a wrought iron gate with lots of ornamentation and your initials in the center, our metal workers can create your stunning, one-of-a-kind custom wrought iron gate complete with delivery and installation. We can even get specific and create a custom metal gate to compliment your Mid-Century modern home by staying true to authentic design details, or make a contemporary metal driveway gate to compliment your home and offer maximum security.

Everest Custom Gates. Made to Order. Serving Beverly Hills.

High Quality Beverly Hills Custom Gates by Everest

We understand that Everest is not your only option for finding high quality Beverly Hills custom gates, but we think we offer the best products and give customers the white-glove treatment they deserve. Here are just some of the things we would like you to know about us before giving our custom gate crew a call:

  • Everest is family-owned, and we value making custom gates that keep families safe
  • Local company in Los Angeles with deep community roots in Beverly Hills
  • Finest white-glove class of customer service; we treat all customers like family
  • Because Everest is local you get a faster turn-around and no expensive shipping charge
  • Our artists work with you to create a custom driveway gate that reflects your style
  • Each gate is made by a team of academically trained artists specializing in metalworking and woodworking

Give us a call; tell us about your property, security needs, design style, and together we can create an amazing one-of-a-kind design that will hit all the must-haves on your checklist!