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Luxury Custom Gates in Bel Air for Over a Decade

Bel Air Custom Gates, Pure Luxury

Securing your property in prestigious neighborhoods like Bel Air with an ironclad driveway gate system is a necessity, as is maintaining that luxurious look that is the aesthetic norm for the area. This is why our Bel Air custom gates are made from the highest quality in-house sourced materials, and hand-made by the best engineers who have a strong background in art. Custom gates should never just serve as a better quality security measure; these functional works of art should reflect your style, showcase your legacy, and enhance the character of your property. Everest has been creating, installing and servicing Bel Air custom gates for more than 10 years thanks to customer loyalty and word of mouth. When homeowners in Bel Air need custom gates for the driveway and fencing or walls to secure their property, they reach out to Everest for these reasons:

  • White-glove customer service is stressed at all times, without compromise
  • All gates are made in house which means you pay less with a low overhead and get faster, more direct service
  • High-end craftsmanship in welding, metalworking, woodworking and engineering
  • Family owned business with an old school work ethic
  • All technicians undergo a thorough background check and drug test
  • We make gates of all sizes, styles, and materials 
  • Retailer of the latest, state-of-the-art home security and driveway gate security technologies

Whether you want a 30-foot wrought iron gate with your initials in the middle, or a sleek modern gate made from the highest quality wood, our Bel Air custom gates team can get the job done down to the finest detail of your wishes. Give us a call today and let’s design the gate of your dreams!

Custom Wood Gates for Your Bel Air Home

Some customers like the organic look and feel of wood for their driveway gates. Wood can be conditioned and structured to create a driveway gate to compliment any style. Our Bel Air custom gates made from wood are created under strict guidelines, and through the following process:

  • Everest works with client to create a design mock-up
  • Once the client signs off on the design, we begin sourcing the wood
  • Our team hand-selects the highest quality wood that is in good health and has a beautiful grain
  • All wood is treated to resist weather and conditioned to give a like new look year after year

Bel Air custom gates made from wood offer extreme durability and can create any desired look. We can combine hammered bronze with wood to give your property a touch of medieval charm, or do a chevron pattern of boards to give a classy contemporary look.



Types of Wood Used for Custom Gates

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Bamboo
  • Walnut
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Ash
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood

Bel Air Custom Gates for Your Driveway and Pool

Everest doesn’t just make the most luxurious driveway gates; we also design, construct and install beautiful pool gates, garden gates, and fences. Whether you need a sliding gate or a swing gate, we can create something amazing that meets every fine detail on your must-have list!

Custom Wrought Iron Gates and Metal Gates

When it comes to Bel Air custom gates, wrought iron is by far the most requested material. A custom wrought iron gate adds another layer of elegance to any property type, and when Everest gets to work designing and building, we use great precision to ensure every weld is flawless. Other metals we use for custom gates in Bel Air include:

  • Iron Original custom iron gates for driveways
  • Steel

We also include ornamentation and sculpture work with the skills of our advanced artistry and metalworking abilities. If your driveway gate is up alongside the road, we recommend iron or steel due to its added durability and capacity to withstand a car crash. Whatever your needs are, call Everest today and let us help you design a luxury gate to make your property stand out above the rest!